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I currently store all my sentitive data in Contacts.  E.g. under my bank's contact I list (in notes) my account numbers, user name, password, etc.


Given that many apps can access my Contacts, I'm guessing this isn't the smartest place to keep the data (although convenient)?


So, if I should take that sensitive data out of my Contacts, where should I put it (that is more secure)?  I need the data on my Mac and also my iPhone so I need that iCloud syncing.  Should I buy a special app from the AppStore (both Mac AppStore and iOS AppStore)?  Or just have it in a Notes doc or something?  Or just leave in my Contacts?


Thanks for any advice.

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    Keychains can also be used to store confidential information that does not belong to a specific

    application, such as bank, credit card or confidential personal information in the form of a Secure note

    item.  These can be added to existing keychains from the File -> New Secure Note Item.  It is

    recommended that secure notes be added to a separate keychain that does not share the same

    password as the login keychain.  This ensures that should the confidentiality of the login password be

    compromised, the secure note will remain secure.  

    To create a new keychain and add a secure note, choose File -> New Keychain, once a name and

    password have been chosen, select the keychain and choose File -> New Secure Note Item:


    For myself I use



    EDIT: You can also create an encrypted folder for sensitive documents


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    I second the recommendation for 1Password. I've used it for a couple of years now on both my Macs and my iPad and have been very, very satisfied with it.