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I'm new to iTunes and believe that I should be able to find and include pre-existing music files on my PC?

I've found out how to show the menu bar but I can't see how to do the above except file/folder by file/folder.

Windows 7
  • pedro d Community Specialists

    Hello there, LeighCenturion.


    The following Knowledge Base article provides instruction on how to add content from your computer to iTunes:


    Adding music and other content to iTunes



    Adding content on your computer to iTunes

    iTunes helps you add digital audio and video files on your computer directly to your iTunes library. You can add audio files that are in AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, or Audible.com (.aa) format. If you have unprotected WMA content, iTunes for Windows can convert these files to one of these formats. You can also add video content in QuickTime or MPEG-4 format to iTunes. To learn how to add these files to iTunes follow the steps below.

    1. Open iTunes
    2. From the File menu, choose one of the following choices:
      • Mac
        • Add to Library
      • Windows
        • Add File to Library
        • Add Folder to Library
    3. Navigate to and select the file or folder that you want to add

    If iTunes is set to "Copy files to the iTunes Music folder when adding to library," iTunes will copy all content that is added to the iTunes library to the iTunes Music folder. To adjust this setting or change the location of this folder, go to the Advanced tab in iTunes Preferences.


    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.




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    Thanks Pedro.  I got this far but I was trying to find out how to search for local media in iTunes.  I have since discovered that if my "music" is empty there is a button to do this.  Two problems:

    You can't access this if you have music listed.

    It does not like to use external dives, either for music or the iTunes Media location.


    Done most of it the hard way and got 32,000 loaded,analysed and copied but onto C Drive.


    Now to move on to sorting, playlists, move to iPad and nano.


    Thanks again for the input.

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    None of this is working for me. I'm on Windows 8 and I have not been able to add any music to my iTunes, either by the File/Add File/Add Folder, or by dragging and dropping to the Library, or by moving the files into the iTunes folder on my hard drive. Is this lastest version of iTunes incompatible with Windows 8?