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I just had an Acer Aspire Windows 8 pc and the bluetooth profiles came over perfect. I was able to sync my Iphone 5 up with the bluetooth of the computer and my laptop would turn into a speakphone for my phone. I could hear it ring and a pop-up would display on the computer.


Now I have the HP ENvy Still a Windows 8 pc and now the iphone and pc isnt working... I dont know what happen other then changi

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2
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    If you go to the device management of your HP Envy,  you should be able to check who made the bluetooth chipset.


    If it was made by broadcom (mostly likely), you can go to Broadcom website and search for "Bluetooth Software Download,"  where you can download and update your Windows bluetooth tools.


    After this, you should HP Envy should be able to be pair to your iphone again.