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I was performing a restore to factory settings on my imac, OSX 10.6.8. About 15-20mins into a restore it errors out saying could not complete b/c of the disc. I tried a 2nd time and it errored out again. Removed the disc, and now when I power up it gets to the grey screen and then shuts down. Please help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Was there a reason why you are reinstalling OS 10.6.8?


    See if Disk Utility on the 10.6 DVD can repair the Hard drive.


    To do this: Insert the Install Disk 1 into the drive and then select Restart; when you hear the chime hold down C key until the apple logo appears.

    This will take you to the installation software, but you do not want to install.

    Select your language, then go up to the top menu bar  where it says Utilities and navigate to the Disk Utility application.

    Select your hard drive on the left, then go to the First Aid pane where you can click on Repair Disk.

    If it finds errors, repeat the process until it reports no errors, otherwise note down the error.


    After these repairs, quit the Installer, and restart again, same process, when you hear the chime hold down C key until the apple logo appears. Then do the Installation.

    This is all predicated on the Hard drive being rectified. That is not guaranteed but let's hope you can fix the Hard drive.


    Tech Specs for 10.6.8