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I wanted to have all my devices under the same iCloud account. My iPad mini and iPhone 4 are both under the same iCloud account, with the address ending in @mac.com, but not my Macbook Pro. When setting up Mountain Lion on my Macbook Pro I was prompted to enter a new email address under my mac account, which I did, with a email address ending with @email.com. This changed the name of my mac account name to the address ending with @email.com. This made it confusing to get all my devices under the same iCloud. As my iPhone and iPad were both still under the @mac address.


My iPhone and iPad iCloud login being under @mac.com and my Macbook Pro being under @email.com despite both addresses originating on the same account.


In an attempt to have my iPhone and iPad be on the same page as my Macbook. I've tried deactivating the iCloud accounts on my mobile devices with the account listed still being the original email address ending with @mac.com; insisting that the information I entered for confirmation was wrong. The same goes for restoring the mobile devices.


How could I get around this to have all my devices under the same iCloud account. Or am I just missing something random that I haven't tried?