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I bought a new mac book air 11 inch a few weeks ago.

Top  of the range....512 SSd

I use Yahoo messnager 3.02 and Skype in my older mac air and also my  I mac and I pad and I phone.


I bought the new mac air because It is A Long battery Life B ideal for travel  and robust and can Plug into Large Monitor.


Sounded excllent..The apple store people told me it would work all ok with tese appns.... but Of course I didnt check it cause it was brand new and I had to take it home.



BUt !!

IT wont opend the I sight camera in Messenger... And Also in Skype.

Opens in Photo booth and Facetime..

Took It back to apple and I was ane to loaced skype video relacement....

lucky ... most people didnt know it was even a problem...



http://community.skype.com/t5/Mac/Camera-not-Working-on-MacBook-Air-today-s-last -version/m-p/1927647#M58721


Appple seem to suggest to use an external camera.... But this defeats the whol purpose of have an mac air 11....

Minimalist size and Carry only a computer and power supply


It is pretty important the cam work in these apps.... especially in skype... but Yahoo is also important...


I woukd encourage apple to get a work around with yahoo... or fix the problem ASAP.

I a surgeon.. and I do need these apps to comunicate... and Im sure others will avoid the air if this is the way it is going to behave in the future.


I suggest before people buy.. get it in writing before you part with money... or have it demonstrate in the store it works..before you part with you money.


I will be very careful next time . Not a happy experience Apple.



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), 11 inch 512 gig sad