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I am trying to have my Xserve running 10.6.8 Server to use a Web Proxy. The settings don’t stick. This setting is in System Preferences->Network->Ethernet 1->Advanced->Proxies->Web Proxy (HTTP).


To make absolutely sure, it’s clear, what I am talking about I made two screenshots. The first shows the information I entered just before hitting OK:


Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 10.47.13 AM.png


The second shows the setting completely erased, when I go back into Proxies right afterwards:


Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 10.47.26 AM.png


I installed Dansguardian (great instructions at the drb80 blog on how to do this with MacPorts) on this Xserve and wanted to test it. I need a content filter to protect my children from the crap out there. Dansguardian seems to fit the bill.

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Apple has made quite a bit of money off me over the years.
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    I am on 10.8.5, but I have this same issue.  I go into Advanced/Proxies, make my changes, click OK, and then click Apply.  If I go back into Advances/Proxies, my changes are gone.  So, I change them again, click OK, and click Apply.


    When I go into Advanced a second time, the changes I made are now displayed.


    I'm always changing the proxies.  When I activate them, I always have to do it twice.  When I turn them off, only once.


    I'm guessing you probably tried changing them a second time already, but give it a shot if you didn't.


    Regards, Patrick

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    I just tried it, but doing it twice in a row doesn’t do the trick.