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    I have same problem I have iphone 5 which has full signal and ipad 2 doesn't catch the signal this is very annoying if I go near the router then I get 1 stick signal showing weak signal and come back to the room then the signal disappears

    I did speed test got 2mb the same test before ios7 was 33mb

    So what has changed ?? Why the signal is as good as dead ,

    I tried at airport lounge the ipad couldn't connect at all but iphone 5 connected

    I tried resetting etc but nothing seems to be working

    Never had problems with apple products but they are beginning to get annoying and iTunes 11 is a complete retard new look now I am forced to download it as it will not work with iTunes 10

  • nomee99 Level 1 Level 1

    I took my iPad back to apple and it turned out to be a hardware issue...

  • mzsassy Level 1 Level 1

    I was told by an Apple chat help representative to do a factory reset.  I went through those steps.  I had to restore from one of my Cloud backups.  They seemed to think that an app update for ios 7 is corrupting the wifi settings.  I did notice that I was still getting backup notifications (i.e., email chimes) sporadically, but I couldn't browse web pages using Safari or Chrome.  Well, after going the pain of performing a factory reset, I've resturned to some level of wifi stability.  I did notice a drop yesterday (a day after performing the reset) that was resolved by going in and out of airplane mode.  This is a serious issue that I think Apple should work on fixing.  It's not isolated cases.  However, they don't seem to be as focused on helping existing customers anymore.

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    set up a static ip address. it works. no more dropouts.

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    I've tried everything but a factory reset. That's too painful unless it is guaranteed to work. I've reset the network settings multiple times, set a static IP address, etc. I had high hopes for an iOS update.  Just updated to 7.0.4. No joy.


    This iPad 2 worked fine until I updated it to iOS 7. Wifi has been broken since. All the other devices(7 total) in the house work fine.  Just my iPad 2 won't work.


    If I get it to connect it will loose the connection within an hour, often much less. Generally it won't reconnect unless I reset the network settings. This seriously *****. Thought AT&T must love it because I'm using the cell connection instead.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried this fix (static IP) but it didn't work for me.

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    These are a list of fixes for ios 7 problems.  Some I haven't seen before, maybe you get lucky.

    If not, Apple genius time!


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    I have the similar problem. After upgrading iPad 2 to IOS 7.0.4 I can not connect to my WiFi network at work any more, because the WiFi network is not detected. In fact, there are many different WiFi networks available at my work location, but my iPad 2 detects none after the upgrade. At the same time I also upgraded my iPhone 4S and iPad Air, but this problem occured only on iPad 2 after the upgrade. Other devices normaly detect other networks and connect to them. Then I have other situation at my home. With iPad 2 I can see, and I can still connect to my 2 home WiFi networks, but I can not see any other WiFi networks that my naighbours have, which I could see before. These other networks are still seen by my other iDevices. I have tried to reset network settings but it didn't help. I guess it is not a hardware failure, since I am still able to connect to my 2 home networks, but also these two networks are detected slowly and connection gets randomly dropped. I also think it has something to do with IOS 7 upgrade.

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    I've been having the same problem and tried almost everything anyone has offered to no avail.  I just happened to accidentally swipe up and saw that Control Center had "Bluetooth" on (which I seldom use and don't know when it got turned on).  Since turning Bluetooth off I have not lost Wifi.  You might want to check this out and see if you get the same results.  Good luck!

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    It is not working by using your approach. There are so many users who have the same issue. Why your apple does not come out to give us some useful explanation? Stop asking these guys to waste their time doing some non useful work. It is your software problem for sure.

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    I resisted the ios7 update but eventually did it a couple weeks ago. Worst decision. Wifi issues are a pain and I am close to putting a fist through my ipad2.


    Since it's close to Xmas, what non-apple tablet is good out in the market?  I am seriously turned off by apple products lately.


    Of course while uploading this comment, wifi drops off again....seriously, this is really testing my resolve

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    thanks for everything so far apple,     i regret to inform you that I will be selling off 4 iphones; 3gs, 4, 4s, 5s and an ipad 4 and will be buying samsung electronics from here on out.  I have been happy with your products over the years however your lack of response to this issue rendering all of my equipment almost unusable when connected to my home network is inexcusable.

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