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  • Denys_B Level 1 Level 1

    This does not seem to be exclusively an IoS7 problem.  I am still using IoS6 on an iPad2, and have begun to get the same trouble over the last few weeks. The iPad just loses the WiFi connection at frequent intervals, in more than one location on different networks, where previously it was quite stable. Sometimes the network is visible in the Settings list, and it will reconnect to it. Sometimes the network is no longer visible, and reappears after 5 - 15 secs.  Sometimes you have to turn off WiFi and turn it on again.  Sometimes you have to power down and power back up again.  All very irritating - it would help to have an explanation of why this happens. My only guess so far is that there are now so many WiFi hubs in use everywhere that the spectrum has become too crowded for reliable reception by IoS hardware or software.  It would be nice to think that Apple are taking this problem seriously and will be able to address it with a software fix...

  • Jaketim Level 1 Level 1

    This is driving me mad, my iPad now only stays on line for about three mins . Why will Apple not do something?

  • Alekseynz Level 1 Level 1

    Hey ppl, I've found an interesting solution to internet drop outs. I have ipad 2 (drops) iphone 4 and 4s slow connection and an ipad 3 with slow internet. All the solutions above in this topic didn't help me to fix the problem. I found a new one just by a coincidence and it fixed all my problems for all devices, 2 days pass and no drop outs so far.



    1) Go to your router settings by using your browser on (I have tp-link router) enter login and password usually it's "admin".

    2) Go to Wireless settings --> wireless settings or something like that depending on your router system. There you should find setting for router "mode". You need to change it from 11bgn mixed to 11bg.

    3) Finally you have to restart your router in order for an update to take place.


    It worked for me and for my friend who uses same type of router and an ipad 2 as well. It seems that after iOS update wifi doesn't recognize "N" router and works on older B and G setups.


    In addition you can forget your network in ipad settings and reconnect using your password.


    Keep up this topic if it helps.



  • MouseinIN Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you 95bulls......your link had an easy fix and it is stable now.  Yippee!!

  • woutervandersluis Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem. Ipad is useless now cause it works on wifi in the house away from my router. Strange Apple does not pick this up.

    Wonder if ipad air has the same problem.

  • deirdre118 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all, its interesting to hear so many others have this wifi dropping issue.


    Would you or have you brought it back to an Apple store,as if its not getting wifi,surely its not doing what its supposed to do and therefore not fit for purpose and therefore it should be replaced?


    Id be interested to know as I have the same problem but because my ipad has a small dent near the volume button,( which has been there for 8 months and doesnt and hasnt affected the ipad in any way) Apple have said they wont fix the wifi issue as the dent has rendered the warranty void.


    Little did I know that for the last 11 months I had an ipad that I had no idea that Apple had voided the warranty.,be carful when you bring it back as they also told me that even a scratch on the screen voids the warranty.

  • Denys_B Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Deirdre118

    I am not a lawyer but you may want to go back to Apple or consider consulting your local Trading Standards Officer.  As I understand it, Apple would be in their rights not to warrant against the accidental damage, but that is not what you are complaining about.  They might well argue that they do not warrant the device to be error free, nor warrant its continuous operation - both could apply in the case of the intermittent wifi operation -  but I think they are likely to be well out of line to brush you off on the grounds that the casing has an accidental dent if, as you say, it has not affected the operation of the device. Perhaps Apple are of the opinion that the dent is evidence of an impact which has caused damage which causes the wifi to repeatedly drop out?  In which case I think they should say so. Or is it that perhaps that they really have no idea how to fix the problem, and there is no point in replacing your old iPad which doesn't quite work properly with a new iPad which may prove to be similarly afflicted?


    Mine, by the way, has good days and bad days.  On good days it's a great little device, I just hope Apple get around to improving the bad days with a software update sometime soon...

  • deirdre118 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Deny_B, thanks for your reply.

    You have articulated very well the postion I am trying to get Apple to understand.


    If  I am the only person who has a major problem with wifi dropping,I could understand where they were coming from,but this is not the case , if I google, wifi dropping ipad,its evident that so many others have the same issue,and its unlikly they all have a tiny dent in the casing.

    It would appear to me that all the others who have a problem with their wifi must have immaculate ipads with not so much as a scratch on the screen,which by the way voids the warranty!

    I appriciate your reply,its been a great help.

  • ChargerJoe Level 1 Level 1


    I have a iPad2 ATT, 64gb, with 7.0.4. I am a sr. network engineer, as such come with excellent technical knowledge.

    The issue is simple, wifi drops about once an hour. The strength bars go from full to nothing, then requesting me to reselect the wifi to reconnect. Very strange. Started happening around iOS 7, but I have certainly downloaded many apps since then. I can't put my finger on exactly when it started. Just started noticing it on Facebook, then in safari. The interesting thing is this happens at home always, and cannot recall it ever happening elsewhere. In addition, my iPhone 4S has no issues, nor does anyone who comes over with whatever devices. I also have a wifi desktop, and 2ea wifi enabled TV's, all with no issues.

    To troubleshoot, I have run through all common apple suggested troubleshooting threads to no avail. I last replaced my verizon FIOS router 802.1g westall device, and last week installed their new 802.1n capable Actiontec device. Always using WPA2. Same issue. For the first time, I did a full default reset of the Ipad2, then restored the backup. Issues still ongoing. Today, I performed the same full default reset but left it as "new config" with no backup restore. It's now using the like new configuration working flawlessly for 4 hours, which is a miracle unto itself.  I have not downloaded any apps yet, nor have I made any significant configuration changes from the default. Maybe a couple safari, and private browsing setting changes, but that's it. Bluetooth is enabled by default, but nothing connected. I turned cellular off like I always do, cause I am home and a cheap sh*#. I will slowly alter the configuration, and reinstall apps and be more cognizant of what retriggers this issue. My professional opinion is its a combo of IOS 7, and an app issue conflicting with a configuration setting.  I know, it's broad and not conclusive, but I hope this helps someone. I will add more if as I learn it. Good luck.  Joe

  • ChargerJoe Level 1 Level 1

    Well, it took about 1 day to realize i lost the info in my IOS Notes app and didnt have my contact list i stored on the ipad. Too bad i could not simply selectively restore just that. So i restored one of my previous entire back ups which had previously caused problems.  So far the problem has not resurfaced. Go figure.  Last time i did th e full reset and then restore, the problems was still there. This time i did the full reset, but rebuilt the ipad as if it was new and ran it like that for a day. Then i just connected to itunes and told it to restore a backup copy. Working so far. This just reaffirms the fact that something was wrong, it wasnt my with my home wifi network equipment, but something with the ipad config.


    Dont give up folks. Back up your ipad and perform the complete factory reset to like new but without a backup restore , just like i did. See if your connections continue to drop after this factory rebuild.

           If no more problems, there is your big hint its something with the old apps or ipad settings config. 

           If problems continue, then its either the ipad hardware or the wifi hardware. The wifi you can try elsewhere.

  • Mr. Greenjeans Level 1 Level 1

    None of the fixes listed in this forum have resolved the wifi problem on my ipad2 following the latest update. The range is 2 meters, tops! ..And the problem occurred immediately after update. All other devices work as before (laptop, iphone, Android devices). Apples's silence after the pile of money we all spent on these products is deafening. A great big FU is what they are giving us (formerly) loyal customers. Not another dime to Apple. It should not be incumbent on customers to "figure out" anything at all when it is obvious this is a company screw up. Hey Apple, SAY SOMETHING!!! Help us!! Look at the volume of similar complaints! Not a peep.... Windows I come..and I can finally use a USB drive with my tablet!!

  • ChargerJoe Level 1 Level 1

    If what you say is true, then you have a hardware failure.

    Just get it fixed.

    If they wont fix it, then trash it or shelve it and go buy something else. Sounds like you can afford it.

    But dont think for one moment, apple is the only company which has issues. That would be naive.

    Nor that it is the only company that would have to disassociate itself from a disgruntled customer.

    Lets see how long it takes for malware to transfer from that USB thumb drive into your "open"product.

    It is a two way street.


    Say La Vee

  • Saties Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem as well, after IOS 7.04 update, my iPad 2 is dropping wi-fi roughly around 10min.Couldnt use facetime or skype. I am expecting some apple represent provide the solution or fix the issue in the next release. This is really frustrating to use iPad 2 when your wi-fi network is keep dropping frequently. I have already tried all reset settings options which was suggested in this thrread but there is no luck on any.

  • pmorganiii Level 1 Level 1

    Someone else posted this link earlier...  If you add one step which is restart the iPad and the router not just the router, it does fix the problem.


    This worked for me:

  • DSurber Level 1 Level 1

    pmorganiii wrote:


    Someone else posted this link earlier...  If you add one step which is restart the iPad and the router not just the router, it does fix the problem.


    This worked for me:

    I've done this many times. It doesn't work for me. Others have reported equally poor results. The only thing that seems to work is turning off 802.11n which is certainly not a fix.

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