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    hands4, greetings;  Look at the web site yourself.  Best resource available for Time machine.




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    OK... so tell me, if you don't update time machine within certain amount of time, what happens?

    Dont reply with ignorance, with my comments. Answer the question

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    nothing happens if you dont update it regularly, you can turn time machine off.


    If its on it does regular backups of ALL data (all new data as it appears on your HD).


    If youre not backing up with TM, then it doesnt have ANY data you created or downloaded etc etc. since the last time it updated, or you told it to update.



    Ogel is being nice, hes a good guy. You all just misunderstood each other maybe.

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    P41s3r, greetings:  If you disconnect Time Machine, it simply will not update per the designed schedule.   When you reconnect it, it will resume updating.  I have often attached Time Machine to my MBPs every two or three days for a single update.  Most users I suspect have Time Machine connected at all times the Mac is in use.  In that regard, Time Machine is very flexible.


    If  you have any other Time machine questions, please do look at the Pondini web site.




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    I saw it and replied

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    Back to your original question.  There are no manidtory TM backups.


    If you do not backup to TM backup disk within 10 days it warns you that you have not done so.  This is not signaling a manditory backup.  It is just a warning.  At that time you have multiple responses:


    - Plug in the TM disk so it will refresh the backup (best solution).

    - Ignore the warning.  (It won't come back for some time but it will repeate.)

    - Turn off TM (a bad idea unless you use a different backup system).

    - Remove that disk from the list of TM backup disks (assuming you have other backup disks).


    I work in two locations and I maintain TM backups in both places.  If I have not visited the second location in 10 days I get the warning.  It is not a problem.  I just ignore it.  I also carry another TM backup with me when I travel.  If I get a warning that I have not backed that up then I plug it in.


    P.S.  As this discussioin indicates one should maintain multiple backups, either multiple TM backups or a combination of TM and cloned backups.  Given this practice the TM warning is a prudent feature.

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