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can not get email on my computer even though it is working on my iPhone. Seems like someone hacked my account, whch seems unlikely , but I was required to change my password, and after 5+ attempts I fianlly got it to work and the iPhone is working, but when I go on my computer it asked for my password as it had changed... so I entered the new password as it was working on the iPhone and it keeps saying that The iCloud IMAP server "p06-imap.mail.me.com" rejected the password for user... *** is apple getting to be a Microsoft company?

lion on all my computers?, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Where will my gallery and web go?
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    Might be a keychain issue. Here's what I'd try:

    1. As long as mail is working on your phone, I'd leave it alone.
    2. Delete the account completely from Mail.app on your mac.
    3. Go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access
      1. Search for and remove all keychain entries that relate to this mail account
      2. in the Keychain Access menu, go to Keychain First Aid
        1. enter your password, choose repair, and start.
    4. I don't know if a restart is needed at this point but it wouldn't hurt
    5. then go back to mail.app and enter your account and password.


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