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I turned on voice over last night and couldn't get it off.  After some time I managed to get it to "Ask" and 2 of the 4 choices (voice over and zoom) are not ON but are checked.  (the other 2 choices are grayed out)  I would like to get it back to the default setting of "off" and have none of the 4 choices checked on the next page.  I appreciate your help.  I've read a lot about 3 finger swiping and about 8 steps to get back to the default setting and I'm certain if there is an easier way, I'll find it here. 


At least the voice over is off for now.  That was awful.  It's kind of why I won't try and do it on my own like I normally do with the iphone.  Normally you can turn something on to try it and then turn it off easily the same way.  NOT this!!


Thank you in advance!!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4