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i've had problems connecting via usb to sync in my 2012 ford fiesta. it was sketchy before - problems maybe 1/4 of the time that could usually be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the cable until it worked.


with the latest ios7 update connection problems are far greater. usually it won't connect at all, though sometimes it connects without issue. occasionally it'll connect fine for one song, the next song displays "unknown" on the car display, and the third song disconnects usb (though the song keeps playing on the phone).


i also get error messages that the cable isn't supported, even though it's the apple supplied cable. is that related somehow?


are there any workarounds for this, or fixes planned?

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    Hello rm0659,


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    For more information on this, take a look at:


    iOS: Troubleshooting car stereo connections



    Beginning playback and controlling music


    If it is and you cannot hear sound from your car speakers, try switching to your radio and then back to the proper input.

    Disconnect and restart

    Isolate the issue

    Try to reproduce the issue with an identical or similar accessory, if one is available, or test with a second device.

    Restore iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch



    Best of luck,


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    thanks, as best as i can tell, i've isolated the problems to the ios7 update.


    i have two cables to connect my iphone5 to the car usb - one apple, one not, and both have the same problems showing up as unsupported cables. neither one connects to sync on the car reliably (or fails consistently either).


    often sync claims that no usb device is connected, even though sync was just playing through usb moments earlier and the charging indicator shows the phone is connected. disconnecting and reconnecting used to fix this, even if it took several attempts, with ios6. now, after a dozen+ attempts it doesn't connect. power cycling the phone, the radio, the car - nothing makes a difference.


    i'm having trouble controlling playback via sync now too, that i never did before.


    my iphone3gs running ios6 connects with the same success rate as it always did (about 75% of the time it's fine).


    i will grant that ford's sync system is pretty lousy, but at least pre-ios7 i could eventually get it to work. no longer.

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    What you need to do is 1. Disconnect the battery to reset the radio then 2. You should be good but when you exit the car disconnect the apple product and reconnect after entering the car and after starting the radio the problem occurs after repeatedly letting the radio start the iPod hope this helps.