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Hi guys!


Just this day when is was at the coffeshop i saw something i've never seen before, it was an ipad docked to a bluetoooth keyboard with TRACKPAD on!! So i am wondering if you know where i can get is? It seemed pretty awesome, like a slim macbook pro you know.


Best regards

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    Hello Fruitshopper,


    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.

    For more information on this, take a look at:


    iPad: Using Bluetooth headsets and keyboards



    Pair iPad with a Bluetooth accessory

    1. Follow the instructions that came with the Bluetooth accessory to make it discoverable or to set it to search for other Bluetooth accessories. This may involve entering a passkey or PIN (Personal Identification Number).
    2. From the Home screen, choose Settings > Bluetooth2 and turn Bluetooth on. iPad searches for nearby Bluetooth accessories.
    3. Choose the Bluetooth accessory, and then enter a passkey or PIN if prompted.
      • Bluetooth headset: Refer to the documentation for the headset to determine the passkey.
      • Bluetooth keyboard: Type the passcode displayed on the iPad on the keyboard and then return.
    4. When pairing is complete, you can use the Bluetooth accessory with your iPad.



    Best of luck,