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Hey. I am new to Logic... I would like to record some of my music nicely, but with the equipment I've got, there is some static in the background. I have a Blue Yeti as a microphone and a Scarlett 4i2 as the USB interface between my Mac and my accoustic guitar.

Both of the two produce a bit of unnecessary static or white noise in the background. It's not too bad, but if I can, I would love to get rid of it! It would make it a whole lot more realistic, and clear. Is there anything I can do in Logic to take out some of those noises? I'm not at all sure how the equalizer works, but is there anything I can do with it that might help get rid of these unwanted noises? Any other tips or ideas?


Thanks so much! Very new to recording and would love some tips!


God bless you.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)