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Like many others I have IO7 upgrade problems on IPAD3


The issue:

My (password secure) restore back-up in itunes is gone. Not even listed as if it ever existed. An older Iphone4 secure backup is still existing.

Any suggestions are welcome if I can find the restore somewhere.


What happened

Connected IPad3 with windows Xp 32 Itunes

Backup restore was created by itunes and per ipad configured policy it enforced a password for this backup

started the upgrade to IOS7

Once it completed and restarted, it ended up nowhere. Apple logo showed on ipad and the progress bar did not


Followed instructions on websites and enforced DFU.

This did trigger the restore option in itunes.

From itunes it clearly did manage to remember my Ipad, as the name in itunes for the device was correct.

It also synched the applications etc with my ipad3

Did notice that a new restore point/ backup was created in itunes.

The  ipad remained stuck in the Set-up screen and did not allow me to go to the normal home screen

When I select on ipad restore from backup, it brings up the message connect to itunes, but it dsoes not ever do that.

Totally stuck. Itunes is convinced that my ipad3 is set-up right (although it is a clean set-up andnot my data / restore form b4 upgrade)

the ipad does not allwo to be used

in itunes the old secure restores from before the upgrade are not listed.

So the question is... where do i find the (possibly older itunes version restore point ... as i wonder if I in the past 24 hours possibly upgraded itunes)



Meanwhile I have selected the NEW ipad option which managed to get me to access to the ipad

but the apps are there, and NO data is present from the past. It truly behaves as a new ipad (somewhat logical as this isafterall a NEw selection enforced by my choice.

at least it is working..

but I wish to reset the os back to my restore backup, but it is not to be found on the pc in itunes.


against better knowing, I list this... hoping someone can tell me where I could possibly find the older backup.

iOS 7.0.2, ipad3 not listed in product list