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I have reviewed many threads, no troubleshooting, rebooting, etc. is working. From what I have read it seems that everything is set up correctly, and this is something that happened suddenly (ie: one morning it was working, by night time not working) without anything on our system/network changing.


All other functions of the Apple TV are working, and all devices are signed in with the same iTunes ID.

Apple TV
  • vazandrew Level 6 (17,936 points)

    Best to know what exactly you've tried. Was checking for interference one of them (as that is a common cause and can come on suddently)? If not you can use istumbler or netstumbler to verify

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    Hi vazandrew - sorry some of the tech speak is above my head, and I don't know what 'interference' is or how to check for it . Likewise unsure about 'istumbler' or 'netstumbler'.


    I have read most of:


    and this:


    and ensured I went through these steps:


    I'm not sure about all of the network setting information, router, etc. however it seems that if nothing changed regarding that then why would the device cease to operate properly in terms of the two problems I'm having?


    Thanks for any suggestions, and in advance for explanations/'how tos'; if I need to check something or do something I'm totally capable but would need the process explained - sometimes the tech jargon is baffling

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    If you follow the links given within the first thread it talks about interference. Interference isn't tech speak, the word meaning is the same. It can be caused by appliances, nearby networks, other wifi devices etc.


    As I said in my previous response, istumbler and netstumbler are what you use to check for interference. They are programs you can download to give a report on the network. the first being for Mac and the latter being for PC.


    You can refer to your router manual if interference is shown and you need to change settings or update etc. Again. As I said before interference can come about suddenly (ie even if no changes have been made by you on the network)


    Hope that clarifys things a bit.

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    Everything appears solid after using iStumbler, despite my ignorance about how the application works. The signal strength seems good and the noise is at 9% if that's what I'm supoosed to be looking at . In addition, I have tried with the Apple TV hard-wired.

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    Ok, just best to troubleshoot every aspect in order to rule things out. What exactly is the issue?

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    exactly the same for me too, any suggestions anyone?

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    What is the issue and what troubleshooting have you done so far?

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    Apple TV/Computers - nothing shows up except the message (something like 'iTunes libraries that have home sharing turned on will show up under computers).


    Re: Airplay, trying to play a video from my iPhone to the TV via Apple TV, the option is no longer showing up on the phone.


    I am of course signed in everywhere, have double, triple, quadruple-checked and have updated software everywhere and rebooted multiple times.

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    Check that router is up to date. What was the signal strength report by the way? I assume you checked that they are on the same network (and not a guest network, if you have one).


    You had said that you went through the troubleshooting but then interference hadn't been checked, just make sure you follow the instructions and check everything. If you are unsure about something then feel free to ask, there is always a user here to help.


    When home-sharing and airplay aren't showing up it usually means that something on the network is blocking the connection.


    If you want to take it to another environmenet/network or Apple to test, that is an option. That can also determine whether it's network or something else.

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    Have the same issue(s). It does not look at all like a WiFi interference and/or router problem.


    Apple TV is connected to my only WiFI network, has acces to iTunes store (logged in with my only account), every web-based service works, AirPlay is ON, with no security.


    All other devices (iPad, iPhone and MacBooks Pro) are also properly accessing the same network, have access to the web, logged to Apple with the same id, HomeSharing ON on MacBooks...


    Apple TV is not visible from the other devices (the AirPlay icon that pops when it's available).

    Apple TV can't see the libraries from the MacBooks Pro.

    I tried everything possible, it just won't work...


    I suspect it is one of the last updates (either AppleTV or iTunes) that screwed things up...

    Any idea on that ?

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    Well... I just switched language back to English (from French) on AppleTV and MacBooks, and they now see each other through AirPlay and HomeSharing. Go figure...

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    We reset the router via computer (software) as well as the hardware. Airplay now works from my iPhone, but homesharing is still not available on the Apple TV (iTunes library not visible).

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    So that would confirm it was the network.

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    Airplay was resolved. Homesharing issue not resolved.

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