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Ok, I'm really struggling.  So I have an AirPort Extreme hooked up through my modem upstairs.  I have a downstairs loft that I really want a wired connection too. I tried using an airport express to extend the signal but the signal is very poor. I have a ethernet port in the wall that runs from upstairs into my loft.  Can I plug my modem into my AirPort Extreme in the wan port.  Then plug the ethernet cable that runs into my loft  from upstairs into the LAN port of the extreme, which runs the signal downstairs into my loft (it works I've done it, the signal is great), then hook up my express to the ethernet port in the loft and use the express to send out a wifi signal and use the LAN port to wire some devices as well?  I've looked for days and can't figure out an answer.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion