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Recently purchased  LG Super-Multi Drive - Mac Pro Kit 24X 5.25" Internal DVD/CD Writer from OWC and installed it in lower DVD drive according to the manuel provided including wire to Sata plug in Mac Pro3,1. A difference is that Top of 2 DVD ports has a faulty drawer door so I have removed the original Apple DVD device from it.

I now have  DVD access/play  using LG in Mountain Lion with bottom Drive but none at all in Boot Camped Windows 7 or 8 which do not see the SATA drive in lower drawer.

Wondering if there is any fix for this.

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    My Latest email back & forth with OWC:
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    My Mac Pro is 3,1 early 2008. My understanding before purchase was that it would work in Mt. Lion and Windows.

    Is there anyone who knows how to make this work?
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    This is a very well known issue that was discovered shortly after the 2006 Mac Pro first shipped.


    OWC Andy
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    Answer to my Question.


    I am very sorry if you received conflicting information, but there is no known way to allow Windows access to those ports.  It was blocked by Apple and they have stated repeatedly that they do not support those ports and will not do anything to update them to function in Windows.



    OWC Andy