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I picked up the 13" MacBook Pro Retina yesterday, but I think it's going back today.

For starters the onboard video card means that almost 1.5GB of system memory is being used on the kernel alone. Doing some research I found out that that was because of the needs of the Retina display and the onboard video card. In other words it could be solved with a discrete video card and maybe more ram, but you're deep into the $2000+ range when you look at that since the 13" models don't have discrete video cards.


The worst problem, though, is eyestrain and a weird sort too. I remember feeling something similar the first time I saw a Retina iPad (I've only ever used standard iPads, first the iPad 1, iPad 2 and now the Mini). It was like my eyes struggled to maintain focus on anything because it was so bright. But then if I turn the actual brightness down it's hard for me to make out text. I've read about other people voicing trouble with the Retina displays on other forums. But I would be curious specifically about having trouble keeping your eyes focused. It's really distracting. It's not at all like reading "paper". It's not even like reading my Kindle or other devices intended to resemble that level of clarity.          

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
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    Go see your optometrist or doctor. We can't advise you on your medical issues. If you are having issues with the retina displays get a device that does not cause these issues.

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    I've had my eyes checked fairly recently. I don't get them checked often because my vision is 20/15 and my eyes are healthy overall. I work as a software engineer, so this is one of the first times in a long time I've had trouble with this. I didn't have the same trouble with my 13" MacBook Air. Not sure what the difference is.                         

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    When I look at my wifes retina iPad I experience eyestrain alike. My explanation to this is the timelag the device needs to focus a newly displayed picture/page to retina-level.


    Due to performance limitations at the beginning a newly opened image/page is always somewhat blurred. It takes some time to display the image at full resolution. During this short period of time my eyes experience loss of focus (compared to the previous picture) and start focussing which they can't because the device is still building up the image. So in practice when viewing photos on a retina-screen my eyes are continiously focussing while in contrast the device is kept at the same distance. It's like an autofocus camera trying to focus on a grey area. The motor keeps on running without result.

    Or seesickness due to opposing inputs from eyes and body.


    So to me the problem is caused by lack of processingpower or the image-building algorithm, not the display.

    That's why I don't like retina displays ... yet.