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I've noticed an issue where I'll send a iMessage from one device, let's say my Mac, and it will not show the message was successfully delivered but when I look on my other devices, iPhone or iPad, the same message shows as delivered.  My question is, which one is right?  I believe that the origininating device is correct and that the others incorrectly state the message has been delivered but I'm not sure.  The only reason I believe that is because I usually don't get a response until the originating device finally reflects the delivered status.  But I've also seen cases where the iMessage does not show delivered but someone starts typing a reply at almost the same moment the status changes.  That leads me to believe that sometimes the delivered indicator is late appearing.


Anyone else have any insight? 

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    AS you surmise the Original device should be the one that is correct.

    I have two iPhones and was using them both yesterday keeping my wife informed of my progress home from London to Bournemouth railway station.


    She apparently  sent me replies which I did not see until I returned home and was reconnected to my WiFi network.


    Right this second at home I have iMessage the wife and have heard her phone in the lounge (she has just gone upstairs).

    My Mac version says "Delivered" but has not changed to "Read"

    My iPhone's synced version agrees with the Mac version once I open Messages on the iPhone.


    So my own experience is that iMessages to phone that can only get SMS messages at the time do not always get delivered and the indicator on the iPhone and/or Mac version is right in waiting to show it.

    This leads it to being about what sort of service the other actually has at that moment.





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