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When prompted to enter my password for iCal, this appears: "iCal can't log in to your "Yahoo" account because your password may be incorrect. The password may have been entered incorrectly. Reenter the password for account "Yahoo" on the CalDAV server "caldav.calendar.yahoo.com." I changed my password for yahoo and the problem persists. How should I proceed?

MacBook Pro
  • JVazquez123 Level 1 Level 1

    This is working for me now

    Open iCal

    select 'Preferences'

    click 'Accounts'

    highlight the yahoo CalDAV account

    click the minus sign ( - ) and remove the yahoo CalDAV account

    click the plus sign ( + )

    select CalDAV from the 'Account Type' field

    enter your Yahoo ID the 'User Name' field (what is before the @ sign on your email address

    enter your Yahoo password

    enter yahoo.com in the 'Server Address' field

    click create

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    thanks! not the original poster but

    was able to figure things out from your post. i  always appreciate people taking time to answer techie questions on forum.

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    Thank you for your trouble.  I was going to book an Apple 1-2-1, but don't need to now.  Please specify that the email address before the @  is the Yahoo user name, and not your primary email address with a different server.  I figured this out and the iCal icon has stopped jumping.  Thank God amd thank you.

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    Thank you, this solved it!!!


    This problem was driving me nuts. I use Fantastical and every now and then that annoying popup showed up asking me my password.

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    I did exactly as you said but was not recognised.


    What should I do now - go back to the beginning and attempt to reinstate caldav again?


    Almost every time I change my yahoo password I am not recognised! Help again please.