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Jailer Joe Level 2 (170 points)

When I choose a photo from my Photo Stream and then click the share button the Photos app goes to the share screen but then becomes completely unresponsive. Airdrop devices pop up and go away as they become available but I can't select them either. Only a complete reboot of my iPad 4 resolves the issue and then only for one photo share. After that the behavior returns. I'm not seeing this at all on my iPhone 5s also running 7.0.2.

iPad, iOS 7.0.2, 32GB White WiFi
  • wenbel Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem in iOS 7.0.2, but I'm using an iPad 3.


    I'm connected to WiFi and the connection is fine every time.


    I've tried:

    Exiting all apps

    Sending image(s) in different views/screens (photos, shared, and albums: single photo view and thumbnails view) in the Photo app/folder. It just freezes up ('buttons' are greyed out, can't scroll through images, etc..)

    Sending smaller (file sizes) images, sending different formats of images (jpg vs. png)


    It seems like sometimes it works, but usually it doesn't. Sometimes I have to reboot - and sometimes I've had to reboot more than once to get it to send.

  • S.Bouchard Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem using an iPad 2 : random freezing using Photos when trying to share via Streams. Reboot needed.

  • drazmatazz Level 1 (0 points)

    Same for me. By tapping any of the icons used to share I can successfully freeze Photos app.


    I have awesome magical powers.


    I'd like to change my magical powers.



  • Debbie in Fl Level 1 (10 points)

    I spoke with Apple Support today.  The problem occurs with having bluetooth activated on the device.  Disable bluetooth, utilize photostream, then you can re-enable bluetooth.


    Tested on both ipad3 and ipad mini retina on ios 7.0.4.  Same freezing behavior.  Just turn off bluetooth.  Will unfreeze photos app and you are able to utilize shared photostreams.


    Not limited to type of bluetooth keyboard, speakers, ear piece.  It is bluetooth being "ON" on the device.


    Apple is aware of the problem (several levels up in the tech dept.) and hasn't found a permanent fix yet.  Just use the temp fix above when needed.  Keep checking any subsequent IOS versions when released to see if they get a perm fix.

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    Thanks for the info!

  • wenbel Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much, Debbie! I've had this problem since installing iOS 7.

  • markmc78 Level 1 (20 points)

    This problem still exists.  I have an iPad Air running iOS 8.1.2 and the new (2014) Logitech Type+ case.  Photos app works fine, until I try to create a new iCloud Shared Album, then Photos app freezes.  I have to force quit it, but the next time I try, same thing happens.  I did a reset of iPad and it seemed to work after it rebooted (it let me create a shared album name this time), but it quickly froze again during the process of adding photos to the album.


    I disconnected my Logitech keyboard and Photos app immediately unfroze.