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When I receive a group message I don't even know anymore it comes only from the person who sent it. Then before you know it your getting texts from many people you don't know. Then I cannot even respond to my friend for what seems like the rest of the day without it going to everyone else in the group text. Since this annoys me greatly I won't do it. I then have to call that friend if I want to respond only to him. When it's a friend the conversation usually starts with don't send me any group texts ever again but if it family it is not as easy to say. In addition to this now when you send a text to someone for the first time the text bar stays up top as if I want to add more people. Why would it not go down to the message so I don't have to press an additional button to type my message. Please tell me who sends more group texts than individual texts because I seriously doubt that anyone is doing it more than ten percent of the time and why would the phone be set up for something that people only do a small percentage of the time. Honestly I feel like this needs to be fixed or loyal customers like myself who own nearly every product apple have to offer are doing to stop buying apple products because of ridiculous feature mistake like this.

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2