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I hate asking questions like this because their are so many variables but it is driving me insaine and I dont know what to do. About 2 months ago I noticed my imac would randomly stop connecting to internet mid-use. I didnt think much of it the first time because sometimes our internet goes out. However, it started happening more and more and non of my other devices are effected (Windows laptop, Iphone, apple tv, ps3). The Imac shows its connected to my wifi in the corner but when you try to load a page it says its not connected. Once this happens and I try to click the network diagnostics tab in the safari error message and  after selecting my wifi network (which shows up as available) I get a message saying "Everything appears to be okay". But when you go back to launch safari, gmail, itunes or anything else that uses internet it wont connect.


The one way I found to overcome this is to go through the full internet reconnection process by unplugging my wifi router and setting up my wifi again on the imac. The internet will work for a few days before I get the same problems randomly again. Its getting very frustrating and as I mentioned before non of my other devices are experiencing this! Please Help!



Imac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)