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Can I install IMovie HD 6 if I already have IMovie 11 on my computer?

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Happily this is easily achieved, but it has to be done backwards.


    Delete iMovie 11 (just drag it to the trash). Now install iMovie 6 from the iLife 6 install disks. Update it to iMovie 6.0.3.


    Now re-install iMovie 11. This automatically moves iMovie 6 into a folder it creates in your Applications folder called iMovie Previous Version.


    Then reinstall iMovie 11.


    iMovie 6 works great with iDVD 7.


    Now you have them both, and you can have both in the Dock as well.


    Another method is to copy the iMovie HD app from an older G4 or G5 Mac application folder and put it directly into the application folder on the Lion/Mountain Lion Mac, in a new folder you create there, calling it iMovie Previous Version.

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    Thanks Klaus 1,


    Your first suggestion seemed to difficult (I'm not a techie at all) so I copied my IMovie HD application off my laptop to my IMAC. Both computers are running OS10.6.8. I put the copied IMovie HD in my applications folder on in my dock on my IMAC but I didn't create a new folder as you suggested. Is it important that I do?


    Everything seems kosher so far. I haven't tried using it yet but I thought before I do I would write you back and see what you think. So I should be able to use either version on my IMAC?


    Appreciate your response.





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    You can easily create that folder (in your applications folder) yourself.


    Yes, you will be able to use either version.

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    One moe question....I am going to make my movie with IMovie HD on my IMAC, then I want to show it from my laptop. Do I just copy the movie project to my laptop or do I have to copy all the files  (jpegs) used in my movie as well? Will just copying the movie project include all those items so I can show my movie off my laptop?

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    Neither. To make a playable version of the project you have to complete it, either by exporting it as Quicktime file (high quality) that you can then transfer to your laptop, OR by making a proper mpeg2 DVD file using iDVD to either make Disk Image of the file, or an actual DVD.


    Do not move the iMovie project from one Mac to another, you will only mangle it!