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Is there a software update route to take so that my Final Cut Studio 2 will be updated enough to work on my new MacBook Pro 10.8 system?

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    nope.  You can install fcp 6 (which is what I think is included in fcs2) if you install Rosetta from a SnowLeopard OS disk.  Some people here say that's not safe.  I installed Rosetta on my Mountain Lion drive about a month ago without any issues.  There is a workaround using terminal commands.  Do some googling or searching here for the details.

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    Michael Grenadier wrote:


    ...You can install fcp 6 (which is what I think is included in fcs2) if you install Rosetta from a SnowLeopard OS disk.  Some people here say that's not safe...

    Michael: thanks for pointing that out, which is the next best course of action after not making the suggestion in the first place.


    My research has led me to conclude that the "troublesome" installations seem to have been to Lion in its early (10.7 - 10.7.2) days and then corruption was introduced by the upgrade to 10.7.3 and beyond.  However, in time, installations in Mt. Lion may well cause problems such as the one we both read about in another thread that caused his Compressor to stop functioning.


    However, having said that, I do not understand why Apple continues to even allow Rosetta to be attempted to be installed into Lion or Mt. Lion;  With all of the needed API's missing, there is just no valid function to Rosetta being in place in Lion or Mt. Lion, as is proven by the fact that no PowerPC app will function in Lion or Mt. Lion with just the attempt to make a naked install of Rosetta.


    Jeremy Johnstone has isolated what he feels is the "bug" in the installer app in FCS2 on his blog and generally describes a method for using Text Edit to fix that bug and then the FCS2 installer functions property in Lion and Mt. Lion.


    Since I do not own or have access to a copy of FCS2, there is no way I can attempt to interpret his suggestions and see if they can be translated to a step-by-step instruction process for OPs such as Dirks.


    I have asked Jeremy to provide this step-by-step instruction set, but after an initial response from him, I have not heard from him in quite a while now.  A assume that he is a busy guy...


    Since you do have access to FCS2 and seem genuinely interested in helping out, perhaps you could review Jeremy's blog on this subject and see if you can reduce it to a step-by-step instruction set:


    http://www.jeremyjohnstone.com/blog/2012-03-11-apple-says-a-big-f-u-to-final-cut -studio-2-users.html/comment-page-1#comment-10377

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    I don't have access to fcs2.  And you still haven't provided any documentation or references which definitively show that installing rosetta causes problems.  I've been working in Mountain Lion with Rosetta installed for several weeks without any issues.   I will continue to warn people that some people ascribe serious issues to an install of Rosetta. I also strongly recommend that everyone have a bootable clone of their startup drive in place so they can quickly get their system back to a working state if things go south.    End of disucussion as far as I'm concerned.

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    Michael Grenadier wrote:


    I don't have access to fcs2. 

    Yet you go out of your way to tell people how to make fcs2 work in Mt. Lion in a way that may damage their Macs -- so you tell them to keep a bootable clone????  How often are they supposed to update this clone? 


    I linked you in another thread to a user of fcs2 who lost his Compressor capability after following your method to "install rosetta into Mt. Lion" and you had no comment.  I was sure you learned your lesson...


    Now: not so much!

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    Many poeple have reported problems with Compressor with no relationship to a rosetta installation.  One such report does not consititue proof.  It's been several weeks since I installed Rosetta without any issues and over the past few years I've advised 3 or 4 clients who wish to continue working with fcp6 on newer machines that cannot run snowleopard to do so.   No one has reported problems.   I'll admit that this is not definitive proof either way and perhaps you should do the same with your references.


    And you update the clone after doing any software updates or installation of software.  If you use a program like carbon copy cloner, it will take 15 minutes or so.  Not a big deal and having a current bootable clone is crucial if you depend on your system for work.  Many thing can go wrong with your startup drive from disk failure to directory corruption and so on....

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    Why did YOU install Rosetta on your Mt. Lion Mac?

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    no need to SHOUT.  I was hoping to be able to install an early version of Microsoft Office for Mac.  FWIW, I was still unable to install Office. 

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    Shouting is when you use ALL CAPS.  Using caps for individual words is to emphasize those words...


    Originally your request was for me to:



    Michael Grenadier wrote:


    MichaelLAX, can you post a link to this post you refer to [problem with Compressor after installing Rosetta into Mt. Lion].  Just did a serach in this forum for rosetta and don't see the post you mention in the last few months.


    So I linked you to:




    There the OP clearly describes that he installed Rosetta into Mt. Lion and Compressor stopped working: cause --> effect!


    Now you want "proof" and it turns out you are not even a FCPS2 (or FCP6) user!?!


    So your anecdotal evidence that you suffer no problems with the installation of Rosetta is totally irrelevant to the issue of what damage may occur to those who DO use FCP6!


    As you recently said: "end of discussion as far as I am concerned!"

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    if you keep rattling the cage....


    to quote you in an earlier thread


    "You should never attempt to install Rosetta into Lion or Mt. Lion.  At best, it just wilt will not function and at worst it will cause problems with your system."   Haven't had problems with my SYSTEM.  And as I've said, I've installed Rosetta on several clients systems and they haven't had any issues with Compressor or their SYSTEM.


    I can't argue that installing Rosetta in Lion or Mt.Lion may cause problems, I just haven't seen sufficient documentation.  To compare this for example to the issue of working with h264 quicktimes in FCP, we see many, many reports of problems and the problems almost always go away when the h264 files are replaced with quicktimes in a fcp friendly format, and people I trust in this forum support this position.  I will continue to post my opinions on this matter with the caveat (as I've been doing since you first raised the issue) that some people think this is not the recommended approach.   If you'd like to send me a link to a specific thread expressing your views on this, I'll be happy to include this link in any posts I make on this issue. 



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    Michael Grenadier wrote:


    iAnd as I've said, I've installed Rosetta on several clients systems and they haven't had any issues with Compressor or their SYSTEM.

    In what sense of the word, are these people "clients?"

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    Besides my work as an editor I serve as a consultant to a number of filmmakers in New York City.  Some of them are still working in fcp6 on new macs that come with lion or mountain lion preinstalled. 


    Please feel free to send me a link to a post here in which you feel most clearly represents your opinions on installing rosetta and as I said in my previous post, I'll be happy to include it in any posts I make on this subject. 

    I'll monitor this thread for this link, otherwise, I'm out of here.

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    will include this in any posts I make on this topic.