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I've had an AirPort Express (model A1392, fw 7.6.4) extending the wireless network of my AirPort Extreme (model A1143, f/w 7.6.4, connected to cable modem) without any issues whatsoever, for over a year.


About two weeks ago, the Express started giving me the amber blinking light, and AirPort Utility (v 6.3.1) told me that the Express "was unable to extend the wireless network." I reset and newly configured the AirPort Express several times. I moved the Express right next to the main base (AirPort Extreme). 2-3 times, I got the Express to show a green light and extend my network successfully again. But most of the time, when I plug the Express in at a new location or simply restart it right next to the main Extreme base, I get the amber blinking light again.


The hit-or-miss nature of this is frustrating. Is my AirPort Express dead and I have to give up on it? Or is there a way I can salvage my AirPort Express? It's only 15 months old...

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    Same here but problem just started yesterday.

    After turning on and off again and again I put it next to Airport Extreme and got a red circle with 2 in it. Clicking on it should start the update but it did nothing but bring up the info box. Now it only shows a one in the red circle. and still could execute anything.

    Searched for up dates through apple support and can't find anything that appears to be new.

    Called a friend at apple store and he walked me through the same things I tried above and after 20 minutes he recommended bringing in to genius bar.

    Good luck

    I have the top tier FIOS and when its good it great but it is never consistently good. A wifi Internet connection is more important then any other thing in your home or office. You could get rid of cable tv, land line phone, cell phone but if you have a Internet connection you can do it all. I just do not understand why these giant corporations aren't even working on the next generation of service

    Good luck

    please post info you come up with

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    95 views, but nobody can help?


    As I was searching for threads that might shed light on my mostly-dead AirPort Express problem, I came across information about setting up a "Wi-Fi roaming" network. A roaming network is what you get when you have an AirPort base/router, and have one or more Wi-Fi bridges, e.g. an AirPort Express, connected via Ethernet, in a hub-and-spoke system. What I hadn't thought about before is that extending a Wi-Fi network wirelessly gives you slower bandwidth from the wireless bridge (AirPort Express in our case). Running an Ethernet cable from your main base to you AirPort Express will give you the same bandwidth from both your Exreme base and Express bridge.


    Since I had a 50ft Ethernet cable sitting around, I figured I would give Wi-Fi roaming a try. I connected the AirPort Express to my AirPort Exreme via Ethernet. Then, in the AirPort Utility under the Wireless tab, I was able to configure the Express to "Create a wireless network" instead of "Extend a wireless network." The trick to allow seemless roaming from one base to the next is to set each up with the same Wireless Network Name, security (e.g. WPA2), and password. With this setup, my AirPort Express gave me the green light! And I do indeed get better bandwidth from the Express.


    With that said, I haven't had the courage yet to unplug my Express and move it to a different room (and thus force a reboot). And of course, I have to route the Ethernet cable more cleanly. At least I don't have to spend $100 on a new Express.

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    I had the same problem and then I went into the Airport Extreme base station settings (within the airort utility)  and I unclicked "enabled access control" in the network tab. The express flashed green and I was in business.