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I was simply tap tap tapping inside an App - and my iPhone crashed, YET again...........


I wasn't doing anything crazy, not even memory intensive! I only had 4 apps open total. I'm in one App and am clicking away - and bam! It goes BLANK to black and then restarts by itself.


Why does this keep happening to me? I don't even have too many Apps! 5 games total, if that! And most of my phone is filled with music, I have no movies, I have some video from the camera, some photos. That's it.


It only ever crashed once when I was iOS6. Now it's crashed twice in less than 2 weeks and there are glitches all over the place.


I guess Apple is sending me a message to just buy a new 5S and throw this 4S into the ocean, right?




iOS7 on 4S.

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    What apps crash?

    Default Apple apps, apps you downloaded from the internet or all apps?


    You must remember developers are still making changes and fixing bugs for apps to run smooth on iOS 7.

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    This time it was a non-Apple app, but the first time was in the middle of doing nothing, I was trying to click on an App and the phone literally crashed, showed me a dead battery indicator and went blank. I hastily borrowed a friend's plug and got some power and it came back to life that time, and when I unplugged 2 minutes later, it showed the battery where it had left off when it crashed and told me I had no battery.


    I just want the glitches to end. It didn't happen as much with iOS6. OK so this one has whole sale changes to the way it looks and operates and so on - but why release something that had not been fully tested in at least a few incarnations?