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I have had my iphone 5 since it came out a year ago. Recently, after updating to iOS 7, I bought some songs directly on my iphone and added them to a playlist that I made on my phone. When I connected my phone to my computer (I don't automatically sync my music with iTunes, I manually manage it), I noticed that the new songs had been removed from my new playlist. I added them back and then when I reconnected it today, it did it again. The purchased songs are still on my phone, just not in the playlist. Then I noticed that for my two most recent playlists (the two made in the last 2 months or so) all songs that I had purchased (regardless of when or how) were missing. But for the rest of the playlists, all the songs were still there. This is very confusing to me. Why did this happen and how can I make it stop happening? Please help thank you!

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2, iTunes syncing