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I reviewed another post on the support community that initally appeared to cover this topic. That question was replied to, and the person was referred to apple support pages that detail how to get one's iphone to link with wifi (turn off device, reboot router, go to iphone settings->wifi->click "i" next to your problem network and select "forget this network").... How do I select "forget this network"- it's not even an option (maybe it would be IF I could get the iPhone to connect to the network, but then I wouldn't need this question answered...)


I have multiple other computers (Macbook Air, iMac 2011, and PCs), as well as new iPad (also recently updated to iOS7) and my wife's iPhone 4S (running iOS6), all of which have no problem connecting to our networks (and no access passwords have been changed). Only my iPhone 5 seems to be left out in the cold. The iPhone 5 "finds" the networks, but will not accept correct access passwords as "correct", therefore cannot actually connect to password-secured wi-fi networks (at least the two I use daily- therefore I assume this problem would follow me elsewhere I might attempt to access a PW-protected network such as WPA/WPA2, etc).


Any ideas where to turn next, or is anyone else having similar problems? Thank you-

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.2