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I have a G5 PPC desktop - running 10.4.11

I need to move to at least 10.5.8 to get support for a new printer {and it is time to start the progression to newer O/S anyway}


I have the Black 10.5.6 Install DVD


I have a Firewire external hard drive, Mac OS Extended {journaled} 1T - - That I have used CCC to back up my system.


Question 1 - can I install 10.5.6 on my external hard drive - in order to make it a boot drive? Or does it still need to be partitioned as in 10.4?


Question 2 - is there anything other than having a complete system backup - that I need to do before attempting to update my desk top system? 


Question 3 - I have 7.25 GB available on my internal hard drive is that enough space to load 10.5.6


Just looking before I leap..



Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Upgrading the OS from Tiger and Leopard:




    Installing Leopard OS 10.5:




    Then run software update to get to 10.5.8.


    Q1: why do you need both systems?


    Q2: always a good idea before an upgrade.


    Q3: yes, but you should really have more.

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    Hi Klaus1 - thanks for the reply.


    At present my external firewire drive - is not bootable - because it presently lacks a full O/S. CCC can't copy the O/S to an external hard drive - when the O/S is in use on the desktop system. So you have to install an O/S from a disc.. Yes/No?


    In researching this - I saw that 10.4 had to be installed on a partitioned drive, at least all the directions I found seemed to indicate that - due to some limit on the size of the volume it could address. I did not find any information related to 10.5 - that specified one way or the other - if it too had to have a limited volume.  I did not originally partitiion the external hard drive that I am using for CCC Backup's..


    I would like to run 10.5.8 on an external bootable drive - so I can see how several of my existing applications run there, or see if I need to get updates to them before starting to change things on my desktop computer. Secondly, I want to have a bootable drive for my system back up.. so that if my internal drive fails ect - I can switch drives and continue daily activities..


    So my thought was to install 10.5.8 on the external firewire drive - first. Use it there, check everything out. Then if everything is OK - install 10..5.8 on my desktop computer.

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    At present my external firewire drive - is not bootable - because it presently lacks a full O/S.

    That is not correct. You create a bootable drive by cloning your entiere startup drive using either CCC or SuperDuper to an external hard drive that has already been formatted as HFS Extended (Journaled).


    I do not recall if either CCC or SD works with the old Tiger, but in any case why bother? Applications that run on Tiger will continue to run with Leopard. They may need updating, but not replacing.

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    Hi Klaus1

    Thanks for the reply. I did not realize you could copy an O/S while it was in use - thanks for the correction.


    I successfully updated the OS on the external hard drive to 10.5.6 - from a DVD. The drive however would still not boot my G5.


    Turns out that my OWC-Mercury Elite AL Pro - 1TB drive, was wired incorrectly. To run properly with the Mac G5 PPC - the drive interface board has to be limited to address no more than 2.2TB. Even if it is hooked to a 1TB hard drive.


    On newer models there is a red switch inside that needs to be set to Position 1 - on the drive I received the setting is hard wired in. No Switch. So I'm returning the drive to OWC for repair...


    This is a real bummer - because the reason I bought that drive was because it was advertised as being set up to act as a Firewire boot drive to work with the PPC G5 at 10.3 or better. Can't tell how many hours I've spent trying to find out what was wrong...


    At any rate - I'll have another drive here in a few days - and we'll see how that goes. I plan to use CCC to copy the data from the first drive - to the new one. In which case the new one should act as a Boot Drive. {fingers crossed}.


    I will mention for others that might read this thread - it is important to keep in mind that Disks are Partitioned - - and Volumes use both a Partition Type and a File System. It took me too long to understand that and keep the acronyms straight - LOL


    Looking at the Get-Info on my hard drive I see


    - Partition Type - Apple Partition Scheme {APS} I think this is also called APM Apple Partition Map.



    - Partition Type - Apple HFS

    -  File System - Mac OS Extended {journaled}


    Don't know if that is correct or not - but it matches my internal hard drive settings.