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I've been using Airplay on my Pioneer VSX-2021 for years now.

It always worked with my iPhone 4, 4S and iPad 3.


No setting regarding the network and receiver was ever changed.


Just after I upgraded to ios7 on both devices (4S and iPad 3) Airplay is not available any longer.


I don't see the AirPlay button in the Control Center.


What's going on?


Thanks in advance


iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2
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    Meanwhile I managed to get it to work ONLY if I restart the router (then wait), power on the Pioneer receiver (then wait) and after that turn on WiFi on the iPad or iPhone.

    Next day AirPlay is AGAIN not available if I just turn on the Receiver.

    Also it gets lost when AirPlay was used and e.g. a song is paused for a couple of minutes.


    It was NEVER a problem (for the last 2 or 3 years) just to turn on the Receiver and any pre-iOS7 device found AirPlay without any problem. I can't really be that I need to restart my router every day just because of iOS7?!


    Nothing was changed network-wise and the problem immediately came up after updating to iOS7.

    Also it's not a connection problem of the receiver, as I can still and ALWAYS use iControlAV2 App.



    Cheers from Germany


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    It f..cking seems that Apple decided that with iOS 7 all expensive audio products from other companies like pioneer were obsolete. By not supporting 24 bit audio on USB any more with iOS 7 it seems that we can only hope for a firmware update from Pioneer....

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    Have you tried rebooting the devices that were updated to iOS 7:  press and hold the home and power buttons until the Apple icon is displayed, then let go.


    (I could be wrong, but I think I remember reading of others without the airplay icon and this seems to have helped.)  BTW, I have the airplay icon - how would it know whether receiving devices support 24 bit or not ahead of time?

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    Can't help with your last question, sorry.


    Rebooting the devices doesn't help.


    Also restarting the router every day also cant be a solution since it worked fine before.

    I guess I'll just downgrade to the last iOS6 version.

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    I couldn't get AirPlay to work on my iPad.  Rebooted the router, then the iPad and it works now. 

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    Again, this is not a solution. You can get it to work but next day it is again not available with the Pioneer device.

    Read my previous posts.

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    I think what NW Girl is trying to say that it worked for her to reboot the router and then the  iPad.

    At least for me the same procedure worked and then my iPhone and two iPads had no problem whatsoever.

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    I found that if you go into settings - Wi-Fi then tap the little icon next to the network you're connected to then back out of there the AirPlay icon will magically appear. It's not consistent though. I put it down to crappy Apple quality management since Steve slipped this mortal coil. They don't seem to give a sh#t about the consumers who have been supporting their brand and made it what it is.

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    I'm having the exact same issue with my Yamaha RX-A3020 receiver.  After I updated to iOS 7 Airplay I sporadic at best.  I have to power cycle the receiver and then it shows up again to select for airplay but then it goes away again after awhile.  I think Apple changed how airplay works or there is a bug (shocking!) causing this.  Yamaha support seems to be clueless as well. 

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    The new IOS 7 uses the lower taskbar popup. Whenever you want to mirror any of your Apple devices apple tv just swipe form the bottom of your screen upwards to open the Airdrop/Airplay options. Now you can mirror or sync anything to your Apple TV.

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    AGAIN: it is not available at all then, read the whole discussion...

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    I Agree that the bluetooth devices is still not on the music screen but my solution is only for the Apple TV.

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    It's also not about Bluetooth, it's about AirPlay via WiFi...

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    Anyone proffered a solution to this, airplay/pioneer. Have same issue airplay via wifi (pioneer vsx).

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