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I have a Virgin media wifi Hub and a TP Link wifi range extender and have intermittent connection issues.


Unhelpfully i have heard rumours that iphones and iPads don't react well to environments with range extenders.


I have checked the firmware of the extender (it's up to date).

I have checked the settings of the extender - going through a factory reset/clear all settings and initial set up - they all look fine.


The iPhone and iPad are both iOS7.0.2 and do not have any issue connecting to wifi within "well known high street coffee shops".


I've searched for any settings obvious or otherwise on the devices in order to resolve this.


Any suggestions gratefully received.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2
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    I use an Apple Airport Extreme and two Apple Airport Express devices for my WiFi Network.  The two Apple Express devices are set up as range extenders.  This setup works well, with the exception of when I use my Microwave Oven the newer and furthest Airport Express drops the connection to any devices that were using it.  I have to unplug that Express and then the devices reconnect.  I am sharing this only to say that interference can play a part in Network issues with Range Extenders.  My newer Airport Express is a Dual Mode supporting 2.4 and 5.0 at the same time.  Any connected device capable of 5.0 will use the faster signal. 


    Don't know if your Network devices allow for manual Channel selection but if so you might want to try some various channels to see if that offers a reliable connection.