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I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro 15", 16gb ram 2 hard drives SSD in primary and swapped my DVD for the 750gb that was installed when I ordered it. It has been rock solid since I purchased it, never an issue. The ram and hard drive arrangement has been in place for over 6 months.


While plugged in, Saturday afternoon I upgraded to 10.8.5 and after it was completed shut the lid and slept the laptop. Used it for maybe 20 mins on Sunday morning and shut the lid to sleep it.


On battery this morning, opened it this morning to weird graphics gitches and an offset display, it locked hard after I entered my password. Reboot, choose not to open any apps that were open previously, and it crashed as soon as it hit the desktop with a kernel panic. Rebooted again and it seemed to work fine for a 5 minuits. I opened my daily news reader, NetNewsWire and it locked again. Shut it down,plugged it in then reset SMC and PRAM.


The FileVault preboot password screen has faint horizontal blue lines goines across the whole display. When I enter my password, the Apple logo appears and then it just stops on a grey screen. Safe mode and recovery both end on a black screen - no display but the back light is on. But the fans start going full blast and the bottom is HOT. Left it off for 30 mins but no change when I tried it again.


This has to be related to some part of the update - no other explaination. Switching from integrated to discrete triggered it I think. Now my poor mac is toast.


I have a genius bar appointment tomorrow afternoon (earliest I was able to get).


Any insights or people experiencing similar problems? Any other troubleshooting I can try on my own? I'm really really hoping Apple doesn't want me to pay for a new logic board. No Apple care.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)