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How can I get contacts from other email providers (ie Google) into iCloud contacts?  So far no luck and the only contacts that show in iCloud are the ones created after I got my iPhone.





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    Hey jc_944!


    I have an article here for you that can help you address this question:


    iOS: Syncing with Google Contacts



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    Thanks for the info.  I did this for my iPhone but when I go to icloud.com my Google contacts do not appear.  What else am I missing?





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    Hey again jc_944!


    In order to get your contacts from one syncing service/database to another, you will need to first export your contacts from the syncing service as a vCard file. Then, import that vCard file into iCloud using the instructions in this article:


    iCloud: Import a vCard



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    iCloud will not sync contacts from other services such as Google.  You can either just add the Gmail account to all your devices and sync them from Google, or you will need to copy them to iCloud.  If you want to copy them to iCloud, do the following:


    1. Go to Settings>iCloud, turn Contacts to Off, choose Delete from My iPhone when prompted (ir you have any contacts in iCloud they will still be in iCloud).
    2. Download the app My Contacts Backup.  Use this to backup the remaining contacts on your phone (from Google) as a vCard attachment to an email that you send to yourself.  Confirm that you have received the email.
    3. Go to Settings>iCloud and turn Contacts back to On.
    4. Go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Default Account (in the Contacts section), set this to iCloud.
    5. Go to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars...tap your Gmail account and turn Contacts to Off.
    6. Open the My Contacts Backup email and tap the attachment to import the Google contacts back to your phone and to iCloud.