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I have been syncing my Iphone5 to Outlook directly via USB with my PC laptop since the first iphone came out (2006?).  Over the years, this process has survived numerous operating system upgrades, hardware upgrades etc. As of yesterday, it is not syncing my calendar or contacts to Outlook.   (I get email from mail provider).


I do not want to use the cloud as all my children back up to the icloud and I don't want all their contacts/calendar on my phone.  Maybe I am old fashioned, but I always like backing up with the USB guaranteed my PC data to my Iphone!


What I have tried without luck:  (it says syncing, but changes nothing)

   - updated to latest version of Itunes

   - in itunes/ info --- click and unclick calendar/contact

   -  in itunes - reset sync log

   - restored an old iphone - would not sync either

   - ran SCANPST on my outlook file (was a bit of a mess) so created new PST file with only a few dates/contacts

   - in outlook - unselected all Add-ins.   then added back the Itunes add-in, iCloud and outlook change notifier


Outlook 2010 version 14 (32-bit)


Here are the details from my diagnostic log:


Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Business Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)

Dell Inc. Vostro 3550


QuickTime 7.7.4

FairPlay 2.5.16

Apple Application Support 2.3.6

iPod Updater Library 11.1f5

CD Driver

CD Driver DLL

Apple Mobile Device

Apple Mobile Device Driver

Bonjour (333.10)

Gracenote SDK

Gracenote MusicID

Gracenote Submit

Gracenote DSP


Current user is an administrator.

The current local date and time is 2013-10-07 17:36:58.

iTunes is not running in safe mode.

WebKit accelerated compositing is enabled.

HDCP is supported.

Core Media is supported.


Video Display Information


Intel Corporation, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family



**** External Plug-ins Information ****


No external plug-ins installed.


iPodService (x64) is currently running.

iTunesHelper is currently running.

Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.


**** Device Sync Tests ****


Sync tests completed successfully.




iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    Music IS syncing....

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    I have excactly the same issue. Since I upgraded my itunes to 11.1.1 and the same day to OS 7.0.2 on an iphone 4S


    Music is now syncing again (since but itunes do not sync contacts, agenda etc...


    I have since 'ever' outlook 2010 on my PC and itunes states that 'outlook is not installed on my pc' !



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    After 3 days of working on this issue and driving my husband & children crazy..... I now have my sync working AGAIN!  Fingers crossed that this is a long term situation and not a situational glitch.


    Continuing on my list of tried stuff from above:


    I completely uninstalled Itunes & did a new download/reinstall -- didn't help


    I created a "new windows user account" and tried to sync ...... all functionality worked !  YEAH!


    However this did not solve my problem because I don't want to maintain 2 user profiles on my laptop and I want to use outlook integrated with word and excel.  So I started comparing the differences and copying files from the working profile to the non-working profile.  Focusing on user/(username)/ APPDATA folder.   I am not sure of what I am doing at this point, just trial and error. 


    In the folder C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Preferences     --- there were several discrepencies and a file OUTLOOKSYNCCLIENT.exe   It was dated about the last date I had a clean sync.  So, I backed up the entire folder and then copied the entire folder from the good profile to the bad profile.


    I am happy to say that has successfully sync'ed my contacts & calendar to outlook as well as imported new songs.  


    Still a bit apprehensive, but slightly giddy that this may have solved my problem.....

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    Thanks for this input.

    It helped me resolving the issue on my PC too.


    Thanks to the knowledge that there was a 'roaming' folder, I fund another and maybe simpler way:


    I uninstalled all apple apps from my PC nut then on top removed all folders in my C drive linked to apple, i.e. :

    - C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Preferences 

    - C:Users/App Data/Apple Computer


    Then I reinstalled the latested version on itunes and everything worked back properly.

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    I do not believe this. I have been going nuts trying everything as in prior posts, and this has been a problem for users at least since 2010. I had this problem a long time ago and didn't pay too much attention to it because it was my iPad, and I depended on my BB a a base calander to feed Outlook. I became very concerned within the past week when I switched my BB to iPhone 5s, and was carrying both because I still needed to carry the BB for new calander enteries to sync up to Outlook 2007.


    I had followed http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1925 and delete the apple s/w and re-installed. But according to the previous post, it appears that the issue was in the data - which was not deleted during all these deinstalls nor overridden with the new installs.


    I am a XP user, so my files are in documents and settings/(username) both application data and \local settings\application data, but I also have safari and quicktime installed as well and didn't want to just blow entire high level folders if I didn't have to.


    So I followed http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1925 then purged several apple folders in my windows profile and this definitely blew apple computer\preferences away. What I did was a little clumbsy, and desperate, but it worked. I am finally back in business.


    However, I would like to see someone fine tune this and determine if it was just the preferences folder that needed to be deleted so that iTunes needed to rebuild it, or if there were other filoes that were apparently corrupted away, just to get this to the minimum number of steps to fix the issue.


    BUT THANKS - This has been the most HELPFUL thread to get me syncing agai!!!!

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    Dear All,


    First of all thanks for sharing your solutions. But unfortunately am not able to sync my outlook mail account to my IPhone via ITunes. I have Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, Microsoft outlook 2010 32 bit and ITunes 64 bits as I was not able to install ITunes 32 bits. The issue am facing is that when I try to sync the outlook mail box using the ITunes, ITunes can’t see the mail box at all although the ITunes add-inn is enabled and activated. I followed the way you have advised by uninstall and delete all Apple related files and folders with no progress.


    Kindly advise a solution if any please.


    Once again thanks a lot for your time and efforts.



    Mohammad Hilal

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    This worked for me after spending days trying all other suggested solutions. Contacts had stopped syncing with Outlook 2010 and outlook calendar would only sync with new iPhone 5 after firstly having to sync with older iPhone 4.


    I'm running Win7 and after backing up the following folders (& uninstalling all apple applications yet again!), I fully deleted the Apple Computer folders in roaming, local & locallow in users/username/appdata.


    After reinstalling iTunes, I also needed to:

    1. Reactivate the iTunes addin in outlook

    2. In iTunes reselect sync with outlook for contacts & calendars for each apple device


    Many thanks FX and dejavu!!!

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    Just to note I'm not using safari or QuickTime on the PC so loss of preferences was no big deal for me. iTunes retained playlists etc., just had to make a few changes in iTunes preferences and backup all apple devices again. I agree with Rshullic that a precise minimal fix would be great to know.

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    I have noticed the same problem with the lack of sync Outlook 2007 to IP5.  Does this mean that I have to go back to my paper calender?   I am not a computer geek that can go in and solve the problem on my own. Surely the Gurus at Apple can solve this problem.  I challenge them to solve it and help their client base avoid the frustration that they have created.  Wakeup support and fix the problem..  Looking at Samsung Galaxy!

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    I may have messed up a bit and would like some help. Am also XP. I deleted the folders under Documents and Settings having to do with Apple, figuring it was a data issue, and removed itunes application. I then downloaded itunes again and synced. My contacts synced with Outlook but not the calendar. So I tried "replace information on this iphone" under the "Advanced" box on the itunes info page.

    But now my iphone5 calendar is completely blank. Outlook calendar on my PC is fine, and contacts on both devices are fine. So I did the Advanced step again, checking just the calendar box, but still nothing.

    Anyone know what I did wrong to completely blank out my iphone5 calendar? And how to fix it?

    My next step is to try to enter a calendar entry on my phone and see if it syncs the other way - to Outlook. But I think there is a fundamental problem and I am just trying stuff.

    Thanks folks!

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    I am having the same problem with Outlook 2007 and XP operating system syncing with new version 11 of  Itunes.  I spent 3 hours on the phone with Apple Help Desk and they couldn't make it work. They said they had deleted the workaround from that version.  Will your approach work under my computer situation?  Thanks so much.

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    This Outlook-iTunes/iOS non-syncing issue has driven me mad for over a year, so I thought I'd post my recently discovered workaround.  It's pretty obvious: simply close Outlook before syncing your iDevice!

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    OK,  I've been working on this issue all day.  Thought I'd post how I fixed mine.  I ran the SCANPST.EXE.   It is located at (for Office/Outlook 2013):     C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\SCANPST.EXE


    Make sure you show hidden files and system operating files in File Explorer.  ALSO...very important..Exit out of Outlook before you even search for the file or it will not show up.


    So I ran it (and it repaired) and to my amazement everything starting syncing.   So I had a corrupt outlook.pst file.


    FYI - I did perform the items below...didn't fix my problem... until I ran scanpst.exe..  But it may have help in some way.  just not sure if all I needed was scanpst.exe to repair my corrupted pst file.

    - Deleted C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Preferences

    - Deleted C:Users/App Data/Apple Computer

    - Uninstalled Itunes & did a new download/reinstall