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    Mine just did the exact same thing.  I have a 4S with 7.04 and was at about 27%, took a picture, it went right to 1% and then shut down? Trying to turn it on and it is saying I need to charge. Very odd. Earlier the phone kept crashing while taking photos.

  • MrDecker Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Plugged it in and back to 29%? Hope next update fixes this!

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    Me and my wife both iPhone users for several years and have plenty of other apple products, but since iOS7 and not being able to revert back. We have lost our trust in apple and the battery issue driving us crazy. Finally she came up with the solution and problem totally FIXED.... Instead of investing more in apple product and buying parts,  she purchased Galaxy s4 and couldn't be happier, even got her friend switch too and pitching me to do the same,

    I have invested money in apps and games otherwise would have and i think eventually i may.

    Apple claims the "1000 charge" but ours not even half of it and dying so fast and to make matters worst apple wont take responsibility to prevent mass recall.  

    Apple used to make great products which worked well beyond its warranty but unfortunately it is becoming another made in china low quality item.  

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    I've been monitoring this thread since I posted a few weeks ago. Finally, fed up with the unreliability of my phone I decided to buy a new battery and see if that did the trick. Given that my iPhone 4s was practically unusable - shutting off at 60% or whatever - no warning - leaves you stuck if you can't get to a charger and power source. So I bought an OEM battery for less than £10 and fitted it. Since then, not only have I got MUCH better battery performance (you don't realise how bad your battery has got until you change it!) but it's stopped shutting down. I still have a firm belief that it's the iOS causing some problem with 'old batteries' (my phone is 2.5 years old although I know a few of you have phones that are only a year old) but I figured that changing the battery for a few quid is cheaper than a new phone - whatever the brand

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    Hello world.

    I have now in my posession the third iPhone 5 i got in less than a year.

    First one had a faulty head set jack.

    Second one had the problem that everyone here is experiencing. My phone started to discharge very fast after the update to iOS 7. The last problem and the one that made me decide to return it for waranty has happened at new years eve when i tried to take multiple photos and at 40% battery my phone shut off. It only started after half an hour.

    Now I received the phone with iOS 7 preinstalled. I hoped it would come with old OS. No luck.

    iPhone is hounted.

    Never again I will buy an iPhone.

    My girlfriend has iPhone 4 with iOS 6. No problems for 3 years of life for that phone.

    Apple wake up.

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    Hey guys--I've been following this thread for a few weeks now, and none of the suggestions helped other than the last option: going to the Apple store. I backed up my phone on iTunes, brought it in, and they tested it without having to clear its data, showed that the battery was shot (mine's iPhone5 from Nov 2012, and the problems began with the iOS7 upgrade).


    Since my Applecare is out of date, they replaced it for $80, said that if they broke it along the way they'd just give me a new phone--which is precisely what happened. Good luck everyone.

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    Same here! Ongoing Battery problems since updating to 7.04 crap from 6.xx. Battery and its indicator became totally inaccurate and unreliable. Shuts down randomly at 10%. Upon switching it on again after 1 min, shows "need to charge icon". Waiting 5 minutes switching it on again and it shows 31% and works again until fully empty! tried all the tricks and nothing works. It keeps doing this over and over again!...  I'm going to have to change the battery and see what happens...  If this doesn't work, They'd better come out with a fix soon or I'm switching to Samsung.

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    lets be honest, most people say that theyre gonna swtich to samsung when its all a bluff. we all have put too much money into apple products and software to go with them (itunes music, apps, etc.) most people who claim theyre gonna switch probably wont, but still, apple needs to get their s**t together. product quality and customer service at apple just isnt nearly as good as it used to be.....

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    Quality? what f quality? It is my third iPhone in one year that I received, and still this iPhone 5 with iOS 7.0.4 goes from 75 to 55 percent, this morning (one day old phone), just from 07:30 to 09:00. That Sht is messed up.

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    Bluff? Try me.


    I don't appreciate being jerked about like this.


    I already switched from OSX to Ubuntu, and have no plan to buy anymore iDevices.


    Not so sure about Samsung though, I have my eye on a different manufacturer.


    The iPhone hasn't been years in front for sometime. They got lazy and settled in to milk the market is my view.


    I get ad redirections to App Store all over the place now too - and I know this is the Ad Networks, but it's still my iPhone being pwned. So the security advantage is gone also.


    Good win, Apple.

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    I have the same problem my usually occurs when I am using the run keeper app and listening to music at the same time either itunes or deezer every time it dies I lose my info and when I plug it back in it has 30 - 35% power.  This is driving my nuts and is so frustrating.  I reset the whole phone once and it seemed alright for a few months but now it's started all over again.  Never used to happen with IOS 6.

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    i dont have a problemm with mac computers or even ipads, ive owned 2 macbook pros, an ipad and 2 iphones and guess which products have always given me issues???? only the iphones


    havent had a single problem with the macs or ipad over the 5 years ive owned these products. so clearly apple needs to clean up the manufacturing/design process for iphones mainly.


    if you ask me, apple needs to bring production back over to the US, the other manufacturing companies cant be trusted after all these problems with iphones, not to mention that samsung makes a lot of the key hardware components (the guts of the phone, processor, ram, etc..) maybe this is sabotage, i dont know but if apple doesnt fix this theyre gonna **** off a lot of people



    also wanted to add/ask if anyone here has their phone shut off or reboot while charging? been happening to me in addition to dying when theyres still power in the phone


    its a shame that the US doesnt have any of those laws like the UK so that when the phone has a manufacturing defect even after apples one year warranty expires, accoriding to some law over there, theres an extra year added for factory defects inside the phone

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    apple really needs to let people downgrade ios, not everyone is gonna love their updates and they need to realize that. we all know they dont permit downgrades becasue of jailbreaking capabilities, but they can find a way around to letting us a special version of ios 6 to let us downgrade to thatll report if someone jailbreaks the downgraded version, or make like ios 6.1.6 that plugs jailbreak loopholes like ios 7.1 will but keeps everything else about ios 6 the same

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    IOS7 downgraded iPhone from its professional status to kids toy. As if they targeted 16 years old and under and not to mention the  low quality of its hardware and problematic premature software. Im sure blackberry, google and others would thrive as most professionals would eventually switch.

    What goes up, must come down.    Sad but true

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    Same problem, not always with Camera. Well described though.

    Never occured with iOS 6, began the first day I upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 7.

    Seems that iOS mix up 20% and 1% of battery!

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