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  • GGGelek Level 1 Level 1

    i have restore my iphone5 via iTunes, but still having same problem......

  • TheOneYouLoveToHate Level 1 Level 1

    I took Derek's advice and got a new battery from for my past-warranty iPhone 4S that started having this issue after upgrading to iOS 7. I'm on Day 2, tested to see if it will work with the new battery run down, and today I was able to use my iPhone to take 10 pictures in a row at 1% charge. Never forced me to shut the phone down. It also recharges much faster than it my old battery.


    So maybe some of us have faulty batteries that worked "well enough" with iOS 6.1, but now the increased power draw of iOS 7, combined with a new bug in the battery meter algorithm, makes the fault manifest itself where it didn't with previous versions?

  • westl Level 1 Level 1

    I have experienced the same problem with a 6 to 7 month old Iphone.


    Gets to about 27% try and use an app or make a call, it just shuts itself off.

    I have had every Iphone since the Iphone 3g, the Iphone 5 is the worst phone I have had and the last iphone I will ever buy.


    The phone was fully charged and dead by midday usage is showing 50 minutes and standby of 2 hours.

    Thats just awful.


    This iphone 5 is a complete and utter waste of time. Pure rubbish.

    Goodbye iphone, hello Samsung.

  • earlin2000 Level 1 Level 1

    That is insane 50  minutes should not drain the battery. I am consistently getting 11+ hours on all my devices running iOS 7 . I did notice that running the  background app refresh feature in iOS 7 causes more drainage on the battery so I turn that feature off.


    Also you might want to check if there are any Applications that you're running that are draining battery excessively. I use battery saver app that shows me the battery drain per each application. , real-time and historical data of applications.


    Hopefully you can identify the application that's causing the issue.

  • ANTHONY_S_D Level 1 Level 1

    I too have this issue. Phone a year old and craps out at the most annoying time. I'm a new dad and can't take a picture of my son without my phone shutting off. Sometimes with 80% battery life.


    Apple, I've stood by you since my first mac (1990) and I'm now considering an Android phone.

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    guys listen up, apple knows about these issues we've been having and therye working on a fix, look it up if you dont believe me. its either gonna be fixed in 7.1 or 7.0.5, but theyre deffinitely working on it by the sound of it

  • Vincienup Level 1 Level 1

    Given that they've been deleting posts off this thread for months whenever anyone suggested that a new version of iOS (every release post 7.0 as issue became noted pretty quick) should address the issue ('should be posted in feature requests...') and for such a random variety of other reasons that it really looked like a general denial and cover up was in progress, I'd be shocked if Apple didn't 'know about the issue'.


    It's nice that they finally want to fix their broken operating system/firmware.


    It'll be nicer if they publicly apologise for their behaviour on this and institute some system to recompense all the customers who've had to shell out for batteries to replace the clearly substandard units their software trashed.


    I'm not holding my breath.


    If the above happens, I may trust apple enough to give them more money.


    If on the other hand we just get the "meh, whiney customer will be back" then frankly I'm voting with my wallet. I'm sick of such poor corporate behaviour.  I'm not surprised when cheap junk doesn't live up to manufacturer claims, but for premium product sold at premium price, that's just not even slightly acceptable.

  • MichaelfromWat Level 1 Level 1

    Hear, hear!


    I count myself as one of those for whom the shine has well and truly come off Apple. Just after one year from purchase my phone is crippled and I am expected to pick up the cost of fixing it? It's clearly not a one off from the number of posts in this thread alone. Who knows how many people have the problem but don't make it here?


    It certainly seems that the first batches of iphone 5 had substandard batteries. I got my battery tested after a few months of installing ios 7 because the battery drain that I had noticed for a while was becoming ridiculous. The test showed that the battery was not working properly. Who knows what this test would have shown if I'd done it earlier. Unfortunately, I was just outside the one year warranty period, so I was basically told to suck it up.


    To say I'm disgusted is putting it mildly. I only wish this issue was receiving wider media coverage.

  • Claudius2k Level 1 Level 1

    This problem is real.  Battery replacement is at least part of the solution. I do think IOS  7 exhastburated the problem and caused the inferior battery to fail.


    Battery criteria needs to be 2 things:

    1 - The battery life MUST last a full day with normal use.

    2 - The battery should NOT need replacement during the first 24 months typical of phone contract.


    I replaced my iPhone 5 battery myself and the phone is like new again. 


    Many people screaming that is it, I am going Droid.  I'd like to remind that numerous friends bearing droids have been jealous of the iPhone battery life for years.  In fact, my iPhone 3G and 4 batteries were excellent and still are. So even though you're frustrated and Apple really should make good, know what you're jumping to before you switch.

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    i remember when playstation network was down for a month and once sony fixed that, they offered customers to pick 2 games from a list of free games they were offering in compensation for the problems caused. I think i ended up with around $30-40 worth of free games. not to mention that over the 6 years ive had a ps3, theyve additionally given me i think around $30 for being a loyal playstation store customer......


    sony's customer service, in my opinion, is utter s**t, ive dealt with them so many times and theyre still worse than apples customer support, but at least they recognized when they completly screwed up with something and offered compensation.......... funny thing is apple "geniuses" try to lie to customers now. thinking we're all stupid and know nothing about technology.


    and im not sure why apple is forcing us all to wait for 7.1 to fix this, they should fix this immediately and patch it with a 7.0.5 update or something


    just to add: my friend had a nearly 2 year old samsung GS3 and his phone's bootloader got corrupted i beleive (or maybe it was a burnt out processor?) anyway, the phone was well out of the usual warranty period, he sent it to samsung, they replaced it with a NEW GS3, not a refurb like apple does, and they gave him $100 credit to use on the samsung online store. i still hate samsung anyway, and android, and probably will never switch to them under any circumstances, BUT apple could learn a thing or 2 from the customer service of other companines. Apple, dont have customer service like CVS does, cause thats where you're headed and CVS has the worse ever

  • avatarsound11 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. OP here. Eye-opening journey these past few months reading all the posts. I still think that Apple created this problem with IOS 7, and I'm guessing but it is probably not software fixable. Those of us who have iPhones with crummy batteries will have to make some decisions.


    First, do you limp along with your weak battery, and baby it until the end of your contract? Then upgrade? Apple wins because you upgrade regardless of whether or not you would have if you had a good battery.


    Battery replacement is the next option to consider. So, do you pay Apple $79 to replace your out-of-warranty iPhone battery knowing that you will have a working iPhone after you plunk down your cash?


    - OR -


    Do you attempt to replace the battery yourself by purchasing a battery through ifixit? I would love to hear from the people who did that. What was the experience like? Was it difficult? Do you recommend this to the average person, who is not familiar with taking tech apart?


    I have replaced the battery in an iPod and it was tedious, nerve wracking, but not terribly hard.


    Of course if you decide none of the above is for you, you can jump ship and go to a different device.


    Crap. C'mon Apple.

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1

    see now, if ios 7 killed all our batteries, apple should offer a recall and replace all affected iphones. heck if they dont, they might face a class action lawsuit for something like this

  • cyber10matt Level 1 Level 1 fers-free-battery-replacements


    read that, defective galaxy s4 batteries are getting replaced, no questions asked


    c'mon apple, you can do better than this!!!!!

  • Aaron Kleid Level 1 Level 1

    +1 for me. Frustrating.

  • DavidASCF Level 1 Level 1

    iPhone 4S managed to go from 52% to off within a press of the Camera icon today. That's a new record for me! Apple, you're rendering people's handsets useless!

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