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  • Vincienup Level 1 (0 points)

    Extremely interesting the part they chose to snip, too.


    Almost like they're worried about something.


    I'm not sure whether I prefer partially redacted posts to complete deletions with spurious reasons as previously, but I can't help putting two and two together.  I wonder how thoroughly they're being deleted at host?


    I'm actually quite grateful in some respects. I've been forced to reevaluate my priorities in a mobile device and find that apart from browsing, general phone functions and good battery life - which most (but not all) handsets are now capable of, my priority is actually a camera. And this just happens to be one area where iDevices are traditionally outclassed - but so are Samsungs...

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    This issue is/has become a joke as far as I'm concerned. I've had an iPhone since 3GS and can't believe how Apple are ignoring this issue. I phoned Southampton support and low and behold they'd not heard of this issue and suggested "I buy a new battery"£55!!!! Iphone5 less than 18mnths old I don't think so, I don't see how that will sort software issue out!!!

    Went into Apple Exeter and they had not heard if this issue either, how surprising!!! Plugged into their wonder diagnostic toy and said battery wasn't 100%!!!! Suggested new battery at £55!!!!! FFS Apple, sort this without getting me to "Pay" for something that YOU'VE caused with iOS 7!!!!! And have the courtesy to respond or you'll loose an awful lot of dedicated users if you're not careful!!

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    Like so many others, I am having the same problem on my iPhone 5 since iOS 7. I'm currently running 7.1 and just had it happen this morning. I wasn't even taking a photo. I picked up the phone to use it and got the battery empty screen. After waking it up by putting it on charge, the phone had 39% charge, and settings said it was only 3 hours since last full charge which was right because it was charged overnight.

    Reading all these posts, and thinking about it a bit, it seems likely to me that the problem is a software leak whereby the software that manages the battery or the memory that contains the charge level gets corrupted resulting in the phone needing to shut down. Of course after a power up the code or memory is reloaded and the phone works again.

    So the question surely is why can't Apple find and fix this?

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    Same Issue Here. Phone will shut down sometimes at 50% and no real rhyme or reason. When I plug it in it works. Sometimes doing a hard reset will boot the phone up but then a bit later it will shut down unexpectantly again. iPhone 5 / iOS 7.1

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    Having the same problem everyone else on this thread is describing. Started happenning a couple of weeks ago when I upgraded my 4S to iOS 7.1.

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    Same problem here. All started happening with iOS7. first it at least got down to 8 or 5 % before dying, then it was anywhere from 5-20% and now it just died at 38% while i was out taking a walk. Incredibly irritating especially if i take a trip to NYC or somewhere where i don't have a charger readily available

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    Having same problems with my phone so i have just phoned apple techical support, they ran diagnostic on my battery and said it had passed but classed as yellow and that i need a new battery. When i informed him about this thread he knew nothing about it. So i asked him why my battery would all of sudden start having issues since my last update if software. He couldnt give me an answer. He did however tell me that batterys could go faulty if they are used a lot, to which i said this is my work phone so is used a lot. My repsone was "so your telling me that an iphone isnt good enough to be used as a business phone". His reply was  if it is being used a lot, as in for business use then this could affect the battery".  Shocking!!!!

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    Same thing happens to me too. My iPhone 5 is about 1.5 years old and I only recently noticed it happening so I am not sure if its been there since the start or becasue the phone / battery is getting slightly older now or becasue iOS7.


    I found that it was 100% when you had less than 40% charge and attempt to take a photo with a lens filter turned on...such as Tonal, Chrome, Fade or Noir. The phone would then shut down and any attempt to turn it on within 15 mins showed the battery discharged icon. 15 mins later you could turn it back on and it would appear to recover but the photo that was taken didnt have the filter applied and the same would just happen over an again.


    Its not leaving a great impression close to when I am due to upgrade, I am starting to take an interest in the S5 at this stage...!


    Hopefully Apple will release an update that will fix this very well known issue.

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    I replaced the battery and found the issue is gone. There are many options out there for replacing the battery. Its hard to believe the IOS 7 update could have been the culprit for the faulty battery...maybe it was just the battery of early iphone 5 users giving out just when IOS 7 came out? Still, I think a battery should last more than 1 year and pennies.

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    I've had the exact same issue. Bought the iPhone 5 from eBay, seller said it was fantastic condition. Charged the phone up, and it died at 24%. I have since then, tried to recalibrate the battery but to no success. I charged the phone at 100%, took it off charge and went to bed. No applications open either. Woke up the next morning to 85% battery overnight. No idea how this could happen???


    I've had the same problems that everyone else is mentioning, however the eBay seller won't do a return (he doesn't believe that the iPhone is faulty. Will be going to the Apple Store tomorrow to see what they say. Not really keen on forking out AU$95+ for a new battery, but at this point mine drains completely in just 1 hr.

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    Update: I went into the Apple store today, told them about the situation. They told me it was either a battery or software issue, checked the battery and told me it had to be replaced. Because it was a 'service error' no idea what that means, it would be free of charge.


    After an hour, I went back get the phone. They had only charged it to 44% when I picked it up. After 5 minutes, the phone had dropped to 40%, I didn't even open any apps. I'm not even sure they changed the battery to be honest. I'll be going back again in 2 days, giving it until tomorrow and will be doing a full charge tonight. But if it's any indication, it won't help anything.

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    the same exat problem here . i can't belive they're ignoring this .

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    I have followed the steps above and restored and connected to itunes, but my Ipod 5th generation screen still displays screen the second picture and it's been over 2 hrs.  I am taking it to the apple store today to seee if they can resolve this issue and at least diagnos this but I do not believe it is a cord problem, as I was told on the phone.

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    I have exactly the same problem. My iPhone 5 dies at around 20% - 25%. When I connect it to a charger and it turns on again, it's back to the same amount of charge it had before it died. This is really inconvenient and in certain situations could be really dangerous. Apple needs to sort this asap - it's ridiculous that they haven't acknowledged this as a problem when so many people are complaining about it.

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    Same thing happened to me. Battery dies really fast and takes forever to charge up! I went to the apple store to get it diagnosed, they ran test and said the battery is faulty. They took an hour to replace the battery (free) but same thing happened! This time round my phone went completely dead and it won't charge at all now, phone is proper dead.


    I booked another appointment, let's see what they going to do next!???