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    I suggest that everyone interested in this thread click on "Receive email notifications"  for new posts to this thread.

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    I have tried several work arounds suggested in this post to try and "right" my Iphone 5 with no luck. 1 month out of warranty. Apple won't even listen to my complaint. My next step is to change phone carriers. The new carrier will buy out my existing 2 year contract. My next phone will not be any Iphone. I had problems with my 4, 4S, and now my 5. Done with Apple. Going to Korea I think. Hello Samsung!

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    I'm having a similar issue with my iPhone 5 and my girlfriend is seeing it with her iPhone 4S.  The only difference is that this happens even when we're not using our cameras, as well.  I can be at a 60% charge and have my phone just randomly shut off.  I'm able to start it back up after waiting a little bit, but it often shuts down again.


    This has to be software-related.  The notion that everyone's battery suddenly went bad upon upgrading to iOS7 is ridiculous. 


    I will switch my email notifications on for this thread as well... good idea.

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    I had all of these symptoms as well with my iphone 5 ios7.0.4. Took it to the apple store and found out I need a new battery.

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    Right, but my point is that everyone's battery didn't just go bad at the same time. The common denominator would seem to be the iOS upgrade.

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    Mine always dies recently after taking pics, mostly through accessing the camera via the swipe-up quick access shortcut (not sure if that makes any difference). Happened tonight and wouldn't let me turn on again for 15 mins. When I was eventually able to turn it on, it had 49%. Definately a problem Apple needs to address. If there are over 11k hits on this subject it means many people are experiencing the same problem. Phone is 2 days out if warranty which is typical! I'm sure these things are made to last 365 days then go kaput to make you go out and buy another! Rant over. :-)

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    Apple keeps deleting my posts.  Subscribe by email

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    Having the same problem here. The phone gets down to 20% on the guage, and then shuts off. Very frustrating, and looking forward to a solution from Apple.

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    Sadly, it seems that we're supposed to believe that we all magically got bad batteries with the release of ios7.


    This does not seem to be a reasonable supposition.


    A replacement battery or handset seems to make the issue go away for a period - as does forcing iOS to begin counting again via the perviously outlined workaround.  There seems no reason to suspect replacement hardware would be a long term fix given the evidence.


    The actual answer would seem to be in the code, however it seems that a rug and a brush are the current preferred solutions. 


    I'd echo Romdos and suggest subscribing.


    It's most illuminating comparing my email log to what is left here.


    Oh, and that 1 year warranty. Ahem. Sale of goods. I'm not a lawyer but the EU takes such things quite seriously. Expect your phone company to try to wriggle and tell you they didn't sell you your phone when you have that conversation.  European law and American law are quite different in the area of Consumer Rights.

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    I had the same problem with less then year old Ipod Touch 5gen after installing IOS 7. The battery just wasn't the same anymore, and that's even after turning off backgound processes and location services and all apps killed in the background. Maybe times the device would just shut down in the middle of using it, once turned on to show there is still 30%+ battery life which then would drain down quickly.


    I could just pull up Battery Saver app and watch the battery percentage drop by doing nothing.


    I took it to Apple store and had the technician watch the battery go from 50% to 20 just wathcing the home screen in full brightness for few minutes. Then turn off the device, turn it back on and batter would show 50% again and then continued to drop until the device just shut down on it's own.


    I was told it was a bad battery Very odd since it was less than 1 year of device and also a month earlier (prior to installing 7.0) all was well. Didn't feel right that a battery could just go bad in 1 year normal use.


    To make the story short, since I still had 4 days for the warranty on the device I was given a new device right on the spot running IOS 6.0. It's been 2 weeks and I am still sticking with IOS 6.0 . I am getting 9 hours+ between charges with same regular daily use as before which is what my experiance was prior to IOS 7.


    Don't take me wrong, I enjoyed IOS 7 enhancements but if I had to pick between reliable battery performance and ios 7, for NOW I will sit tight on IOS 6 until all these kinks are ironed out of the OS.


    I really hope that Apple comes out and figures out what exactly is happening here and fixes it. If I didnt run into this first hand I would think all these people here are just making this stuff up but this is a real issue and Apple have yet to admit it. Hope this gets corrected soon.

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    I have all of the same problems described here, really *****... 


    I was going to order a new battery off Amazon, has anyone changed their battery and had success?








    LOL in the 3 minutes since I posted this I lost 9% of my battery life doing nothing with the screen locked...

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    Yesterday, my 5 went from 92% to shutdown. Plugged it in, and it showed 95% immediately. Unplugged it at 100%, where it remained for 5 hours. Then it went from 100% to 20% in 30 minutes.


    This didn't happen for me with the initial iOS 7 release, but rather one of the recent incremental upgrades. Oh, and my phone is 5 months old, issued as an RMA replacement for a previous 5 with a bad home button. And (drumroll please) the home button on this phone started acting up at the same time the battery problem came up.

  • Slick Pouch Level 1 Level 1

    This is to help those whose iPhone's are shutting off unexpectedly from a low battery after updating to iOS 7 and when they plug it in to charge it there's enough battery power.

    I'd just like to say that ahs70's post on Dec 1, 2013 at 1:17am on Pg. 9 worked for me as well:

    This battery issue only started after upgrading to the new iOs7, so it is obviously related to the update not properly installing itself.  What has worked for me and many others is to manually update to iOS 7.0.4 using the full downloaded version of the update which is about 1.32 Gigs.


    If your iPhone's battery is acting up you need to determine if it's a software issue or a hardware/battery issue.  To do that, after syncing your iPhone, erase/hard reset all data and settings from your iPhone to what it was from the factory as new.  This can be found in Settings/General/Reset/Erase All Content and Settings.  Then test it out for a day or two.  If it's still acting up then it's likely a hardware issue and you will need to get your battery replaced.  If your warranty is done than check out this link to get a battery kit to replace your iPhone battery yourself: tDescription


    If your iPhone is now working properly after hard resetting it than it's most likely a software issue.  This battery issue only started after upgrading to the new iOs7, so it is obviously related to the update not properly installing itself.  What has worked for me and many others is to manually update to iOS 7.0.4 using the full downloaded version of the update which is about 1.32 Gigs.

    But first you need to find out what model of iPhone you have, click here to determine if it's GSM or CDMA:

    Then go here and scroll down to download the iOS 7.0.4 complete update for your device:

    Then scroll up on the download page and follow the instructions of updating your iPhone manually following the instructions below:  "IPSW with iTunes"

    And your done.

    Problem solved.

    I only posted this because it was a very frustrating problem that no one really seemed to figure out a solution for.

    I hope this helps.

    Emile Beaulieu

  • Slick Pouch Level 1 Level 1

    You actually don't need to do a hard reset and erase all your data and settings on your iPhone-this step is to simply determine if it's a software issue or a problem with the battery. You can skip the hard reset step and just manually install the full 1.3gig downloaded version of iOS 7.0.4 on your iPhone with all your data and settings on it already.  This should fix it if it's a software issue and this way you can keep all your data and settings without having to start over again and lose everything.

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    I have the same issue  everyone else is complaining about (iPhone 5 dying at 29% battery). I guess I just accept that this is now normal functionality for the phone?

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