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So I have been having this issue for a long time and I have been through all the trouble shooting and it always points back to settings and whatever to iCloud. This is not an iCloud issue as I turned it off a while ago and I have Snow Leopard Version 10.6.8 on my Mac which I believe doesn't hook up to iCloud at all (Am I correct here?). I have an Iphone 5 and it is updated to the new IOS but this has been happening prior to the update and it ALSO happened on my previous iphone 4 and to my Ipad. I have finally deduced all the extra entries showing up on my phone are from any change I made to an entry on my iCal on my computer. For example: If I click on my Ical on my computer to make a new entry and deleted it, a new entry shows up on my iphone calendar for that event even though I deleted it from my computer. OR if I made a change to an event, it would show up on my iphone as two different events. The original way I entered the event and then another event on my phone with the change. (Same thing when I plug in my Ipad, makes all these crazy entried).  I really need my calendar to work. This is ridiculous. Is anyone else having this issue or can someone PLEASE help me fix this???????

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.6.8)