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As the title says, I was given a Powerbook model laptop. I was quite happy since it is my first Apple Laptop so a great way to learn how to use their laptops. The guy who gave it to me was in a car crash in 2007-08 and the laptop was in the trunk and was tossed about in the crash. He says the hard drive went bad and removed it (gave me the brackets to hold the hard drive). So I am left with a laptop with no hard drive and I wanted to test if it turns on. I charged it and it holds a charge and when I power it, the apple intro sound greets me. Now for the bad news... I think.. When it powers on, I get no display or message telling me no hard drive like other PCs. Is my screen busted or do Apple laptops just not display anything when they have no hard drive? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    What should happen is, on power up you will hear the chime.

    A grey screen should appear and a flashing folder would show. This would indicate no bootable drive available.

    If you don't see that, then chances are the screen or logic board may have failed.

    What I would do first is reset the PMU. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1431

    Try restarting it after that.

    If nothing comes on the screen after that, try hooking up an external display.


    Best of luck

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    Thank you Knucklesmac for responding. I will try the reset when I get home and then the external display. If the screen is shot... off to Ebay! Thanks again.