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Yvette1965 Level 1 Level 1

My mail screen just stop flipping. When my phone is horizontal the screen stays vertical. this io7 is really messed up my iphone please help

  • griff w Level 4 Level 4

    Hi there Yvette1965,


    I would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps found in the article below.


    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting



    Display does not go into landscape mode

    • Remember that photos, webpages, and applications will not change viewing-orientation modes when iPhone is lying flat. Hold iPhone vertically to switch between portrait and landscape modes or vice versa.
    • Verify that rotation lock is not on.
    • To test, open the Calculator application while holding the iPhone vertically (portrait mode). The standard calculator should appear. Then rotate the iPhone to a horizontal position (landscape mode), and the scientific calculator should appear.

    Note: Certain apps and features may support only one mode, landscape or portrait. For example, the Videos app plays video in landscape mode, and Reminders uses only portrait mode. Not all applications on iPhone use landscape mode.

    Issue not resolved

    My issue is still not resolved. What do I do next?

    Contact Apple Support.


    -Griff W.