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I was checking one of my sent emails with pictures attached, where the picture should be was a notice saying "plug-in missing".  I researched the issue and found others saying the same thing and referring to XPROTECT black list, that JAVA had been placed on it.  I understand there is JAVA 7 WITH a new update, I also read that this is the fix for the security issues.  I just wanted to find out if it is okay to use the new JAVA 7 W/Update, in my Mountain Lion 10.8.5, or should I just live with it, and forget about it?  Sounds like Apple isn't very keen on JAVA, what say you APPLE experts?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Java 7 update is fine if you need to use Java. If you don't, then don't install it. No one is really keen about Java because of the many exploitable holes in Java that can lead to malware attacks.


    Apple and Oracle are making every effort to minimize the problem. But if you don't need Java, just don't install it. You don't need it unless you want to play Java-based games on Internet sites.

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    Thank you so much!  I really didn't understand why all of a sudden I couldn't see my pictures in my emails that I had just sent....Will I ever?  I just opened them in "quick Look" and in Preview, is that what I'll have to do from now on??

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    I haven't an answer for that question, I'm afraid. I recommend you create a new topic for it in the appropriate forum where it will get the most attention.


    Then only thing that comes to my mind is to check the Composing in Mail preferences and see if the messaging format is set to Rich Text.