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HOLA soy un usuario de apple ace tiempos quisiera q me ayudaran con un problema q tengo me vendieron un iphone 4 y no se q compania es me pueden ayudar por favor.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3, 012754002198453 este es el IME
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    Well, using a translator, I understand you may have purchased an iPhone and it is locked to a carrier that you do not know. Am I correct? If so, you can call Apple Care and ask them who it is locked to. For you to be able to use it with a carrier other than the one it is locked to would require you to get it unlocked. Once you find out who it is locked to, contact them to see if they offer unlocking services, if they do, find out if you qualify. If you do, then follow their instructions. If they do not offer unlocking, or you do not qualify, there is nothing you can do.

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    lo q quiero saver que compania es mi telefono  por favor ayudeme.


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    I'm sorry, I'm not getting a good enough translation of this statement to be able to provide you with any more assistance.

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    Gracias y ustedes me pueden desbloquear para poder usar mi iphone 4.por favor

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    Aqui puedes ver Los numerous. Si Apple te vendio el Telefono con la compania confudida llamas y te Mandan el Telefono correcto.




    Is algen mad te vendio el Telefono (eBay, Craigslist,)


    Vas a adjustes>general>infirmacion>operador.



    Cuando ves Quien el operador es les llamas a eyos para connectarlo

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