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Running 10.6.8, Mail 4.6 and iTunes 11.1.1

My iPhone is running 7.0.2


I have a bunch of notes that are duplicated on my iPhone.

However, that isn't the real issue...


When I go to Mail on my computer, I can see all the Notes I want to sync (under Reminders on the left pane), and there are a bunch of notes that aren't there that I have previously deleted from my iPhone.

(BTW, I don't use iCloud/MobileMe...never have).


So I delete the Notes, Sync my iPhone (by plugging it in), and the notes reappear on my iPhone. And still don't show up on my computer.

I can't for the life of me figure out how to delete them forever.


I have also tried backing up my iPhone and then restoring.


So these notes seem like they are hiding somewhere on my computer...but not showing up in Mail, and then getting pushed to my iPhone each time I plug it in to sync.


I've also gone to my iCloud account and there are no Notes there.

(Notes in my iCloud settings on my iPhone is off)


I've tried in the iPhone (in iTunes) under Info...

Turning off 'Sync notes' and syncing (selecting to remove notes in the dialog box)...and all notes get deleted from the iPhone

I select to sync again and then the notes, including the deleted ones, come back.


I've gone to Advanced and selected to replace information on the iPhone with the information (notes) from the computer - didn't work...the deleted notes (that I can't see on the computer) reappear. Ugh


Any tips would be great!!

I've looked at lots of support strings but none seem to have quite this issue (I think...).

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)