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Hey guys,

So my iMac has had its first real problem since I bought it in 2010.


Yesterday I was browsing the internet on my iMac via tethering from my smart phone (Samsung galaxy ace, on vodafone, if that means anything) when suddenly it froze and I got the colourful spinning loading wheel and couldn't click on anything. This went on for long enough that I lost patience and turned off the Mac (by holding the power button) with the intention to start fresh. Nope, now I can't access my desktop anymore. Now, whenever I turn my Mac on it I see the grey screen with apple logo with the spinning loading thing under it, this lasts about 30 seconds and then it shows me a 'prohibited symbol' (i.e. A circle with a stroke in it). I then have to turn the computer off, and this repeats when I try startup again.


Now, after some googling a found that this is probably a "kernel panic". But the problem is that none of the solutions I've read seem to work.


- I tried booting in safe mode by holding shift but it didn't seem to activate it..? (and I know its not a problem with the keyboard because I tried starting up and holding alt and that worked)

- I also tried booting from my installs disc but that didn't work either, it just loads for a while then it gives me the prohibited symbol again.

- I also know its probably not a problem with my hardware because everything is unplugged except my USB mouse.


Some other facts:

- I'm running Mac osx 10.6.2 (its all I've ever run, never updated)

- strangely, the windows partition of my hard drive works fine. I just hold alt and then can still access windows. But then as soon as I try to tether the internet from my phone again, it works for about 2 minutes and then I get a quick bleu screen and the comp restarts, which makes me think this kernel panic was induced by furthering my internet.

- On one of my startups yesterday I got a flashing folder icon with a question mark on it, all the other times its been the prohibited symbol.


I have a time machine hard drive that I can resort to if worse comes to worse, but the last time I backed up was about 2 months ago, which means id lose my creative work from the past 2 months (im a musician and ive been working on an album), which is obviously not preferable.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Please let me know id you need anymore info.




iMac (27-inch Late 2009), iOS 6.1.2