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I installed Windows on my Macbook Pro (15 " Retina).  The resolution is the highest - 2880-by-1800.  However, the font size is too small to read properly.  There is a setting in Windows for Small, Med or Large and I verifed it is set to Large. 


One more question.  Do I need to install third party anti-virus software with Windows?  I was told Mac OS does not need any.



MacBook Pro
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    GAB449 wrote:


    I installed Windows on my Macbook Pro (15 " Retina).


    bootcamp or a virtual machine?



      Do I need to install third party anti-virus software with Windows?


    yes, I would.  The mac os doesnt need any, but windows does.

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    Windows installed using Bootcamp

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    Hi, I plan to install Window on my Macbook Pro too, cos I'll need to use AutoCad software and i think Mac is not support for this software... so no choice, Anyway, many of my friends advice me to do it with bootcamp, they say this will be more stable and easy for me since i'll run only 1 software in Mac and others will still remain with Mac OS, Is that true that it is better to run Window with bootcamp?

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    In Windows change the screen resolution to one that works well for you.


    Which Windows version did you install? Your tags say Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you installed Windows 7 you need an anti virus program. Microsoft Security Essentials will be enough. If you installed Windows 8, anti virus is built-in and no additional anti virus is required.

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    I would lower the screen resolution in windows to modulus 2 of the current one

    as in

    2880-by-1800 / 2 on both vertiical and horizontal

    then you get each pixel as a full 4 pixels then it don't look like crap

    like it does when you don't a a full pixel to full number of more pixels

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    Thanks for your advice, but think it wouldn't be any difference even if i don't change the resolution since i draw only line (with AutoCad) in Window right?

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    Will consider to get Window 8 then hihi~

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    Thanks for all the replies.  Choosing another resolution does not make it any better.  Only adds black borders all around and the desktop height and width gets smaller.  Other than that, font size, etc. remains the same.  I used bootcamp 5.something.  I am assuming it is the latest.  BTW, I have set "Change size of all items" to 200%, which is the highest. 

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    Mate, the ideal resolution is the one originally set. But as you've commented, the text gets too small to be readable. The configuration that I just set is 1440 x 900, and then I set the windows configurations to make things look smaller. This way it looks like an ordinary screen.


    By the way, working on this configuration the graphics run a little bit smoother, and the animations are faster. The battery consumption apparently got better. This combination is perfect, and it looks better than Windows 8 (which does not provide you with any configurable resolution that may compare to that on Windows 7).


    Hope it helped!!!!

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    HI, i do wonder if you solve this problem yet. i do face this problem too and dont konw how to deal with it.