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Hello all - I am brand new to iMovie, I have iMove '11, v9.0.9.  I just did my first import from my Sony DCR-DVD203, using the USB cable.  When the import window came up, each of the clips appeared in the cronological order in whch they were originally shot.  My some 28 minutes worth of video took about 1/2 hour to import.


However when the Events Library opened up the order of the clips was all jumbled and seemingly random.  They were not even in the correct order by date alone.  I examined the date and time for the clips and discovered tha most of them were wrong.  Most of the clips had the exact same time as the first clip shot on that date.  Some even had the previous day's shooting date.


When I went back and viewed the video in my cam the correct date and time information appears on the lcd for each clip, so I know the data is there in its correct form.  I had to manually go through all the imported clips, view the cam diplay, and then manually change the dates and times in iMovie on almost all the clips.  This was a very time consuming process.


Is there any way to avoid this problem in the future?  Thanks, Randy.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 2011; 2.7GHz i7; 8GB RAM; HD 6630M